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Finally....a TRUE First Responder knife developed by an ACTUAL First Responder!! The Vanquish First Responder Knife by 221B Tactical will forever change the way you look at "tactical" knives.

Posted on April 24 2016

A strong, sturdy knife is a critical tool for EVERY first responder, outdoorsman and tactical minded individual.  With this in mind we developed The Vanquish First Responder Knife. 

The Vanquish First Responder Knife was built with a focus on DEPENDABILITY!! Because when a situation arises and you need to break out your MUST have 100% confidence in it!  









Whether you need to cut a seatbelt to pull someone from a burning vehicle, break glass to enter a vehicle or structure to perform a rescue,  or defend yourself....The Vanquish First Responder Knife WILL get the job done!

With an ultra strong Grade 440C Stainless Steel blade, mil-spec construction and a custom-made, ergonomic grip designed specifically to enhance your handle and feel of the knife while in your hand, this will be the nicest FEELING knife you have ever held!  









The Vanquish First Responder Knife IS the ultimate first responder knife that you KNOW you can depend on in ANY situation!

The Vanquish First Responder'll have it for LIFE!

NOTE: The Vanquish First Responder Knife was custom designed by our Founder, Officer Suresh Madhavan, based on his 13 years' experience as a police officer and a lifelong outdoorsman.


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