The best zip hoodie ever just got even better! Here's why you need to add the 221B Rendition Hoodie + Gloves 2.0 to your wardrobe this season!

Not all hoodies are created equal. Sadly, as much as people LOVE wearing hoodies, most can't be worn when the weather gets really bad...until now!

New York City based 221B Tactical unveiled their Rendition Hoodie last Fall. They knew it was like nothing else on the market (they developed the material which the hoodie is made out of themselves) but what they were not expecting was the response. Within 21 days, all but for a few size smalls, they were completely sold out!



"We were hoping it was gonna take off, be we were absolutely not expecting that" said Suresh Madhavan, Founder and CEO of 221B. "Unfortunately by the time we realized what was happening it was too late for our factory to produce more hoodies before the end of the season. So we were left with having to deal with a lot of bummed out people who were really hoping to get one for the holidays." A handful of media outlets actually picked up on the buzz about the hoodie. But by the time they could even write about it they were already sold out.

So what was it about this hoodie that caused all the commotion? For starters, it's wind-resistant and water-resistant...unheard of when it comes to conventional hoodies. But once you put The Rendition Hoodie on you quickly realize it is the furthest thing from conventional.

The fit and cut is sleek but not tight. This is nice because it actually keeps you from looking like a frumpy mess while wearing it...something which can easily happen while wearing traditional hoodies. In fact, the material and fit of this hoodie is so nice that it actually makes you look pretty damn sharp; sharp enough to wear out on the town and not look like a college co-ed that just got out of bed.

The hood (with built in brim) fits snug and doesn't blow off your head when the wind gusts (this is an intentional design element). The front pockets sit up a tad higher then usual, making it surprisingly more comfortable to have your hands inside of them. And when you remove your hands from the front pockets, their Smart-Close Pockets activate and gently seal closed with the help of smartly placed magnets...helping to keep what's in your pockets stay in there!

A large, water-proof zipper on the front of the hoodie allows for an incredible amount of storage (there are photos of people storing small laptops inside. Yeah...that big). The pocket at the end of the right sleeve is another brilliant feature which comes in handy in the most uncanny ways. I used it to store my vehicle's key fob and my office's touch-key card which allowed me to simply wave my arm past the sensor for digging in my pockets. This was incredibly convenient at times when my hands were full. 

Enter Fall 2017, October 25, 2017 to be exact, when Madhavan did an unexpected LIVE Facebook broadcast from their NYC headquarters announcing the release of The Rendition Hoodie 2.0 which is now officially part of the company's 'Equinoxx' cold-weather gear family.

The updated second generation of what some have labeled "the world's best hoodie" or "the best hoodie ever" did not disappoint. New for 2017 is an additional sleeve pocket (something many users asked for). The sleeve pocket openings were also increased in size to accommodate larger cell phones. An concealed, internal pocket was also added which allows access to items placed in the hoodie's massive front, water-resistant pocket.

Also new for 2017 are small mesh pockets located on the inside of the hood itself. These pockets can hold and store Bluetooth ear buds...a simple yet brilliant design element which aligns with current mobile phone technology trends.


And as if that wasn't enough, The Rendition Hoodie 2.0 now comes with 221B's brand new Renditon Winter Gloves. These gloves a sleek (not chunky), offer great dexterity and even allow you to use your smartphone without taking them off. We asked Madhavan what made them include the gloves with the hoodie. His response, "Why not?" These gloves were designed for the type of person who would buy this hoodie. So we figured why not include them and give people their money's worth." The pair I was able to test out were thin, comfortable and surprisingly warm.

The bottom line is this; if your favorite thing to wear is a hoodie because they are just cozy, comfortable and more you, you'll be hooked on The Equinoxx Rendition Hoodie by 221B. It's truly everything you want and need in cold-weather, outerwear garment without the bulkiness and constriction that makes you feel like the kid from 'A Christmas Story.' Wear it once and you'll quickly see why The Rendition Hoodie 2.0 maintains it's title of best hoodie ever!


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