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Free Shipping on orders over $100 (Within U.S.A)


Introducing The Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Compression Socks! These socks are gonna knock your socks off....your old socks that is!! Finally your lower legs and feet will feel AMAZING at the end of a long day! And NOW we've incorporated "aerosilver" into these already AWESOME socks to give YOU even MORE  awesome benefits!!

Although invisible to the naked eye, the benefits of the Silver (Ag) infused into these socks are undeniable!! Laboratory Tests have PROVEN this!!
  • 100% breathability
  • Silver (Ag) ion infused directly into the yarn
  • Tri-blend technology (48% cotton, 45% polyester, 7% spandex)
  • Real-time moisture wicking
  • Silver prohibits the growth of harmful, odor causing bacteria on the socks. 
  • Silver helps to quickly absorb and eliminate perspiration
  • Silver kills the dangerous staphylococcus aureus bacteria from socks. 
  • Second-skin compression design PREVENTS SAGGING
  • Quick-dry mesh panels
  • Compression technology (which has been proven to limit swelling AND increase oxygen delivery)
  • PADDED sole and heel for maximum comfort (especially while wearing boots)
  • Decrease lactic acid build up
  • Prevent cramping
  • Minimize muscle fatigue
  • Increase fresh blood flow and circulation (which may help prevent dangerous blood clots from prolonged sitting)

Size Chart (based on shoes size)

Small 7.5 - 9.5
Medium 9 - 11
Large 10.5 - up

...So if you're tired of sore, sweaty feet inside of a pair of loose, droopy socks at the end of your's time to stop messing around and take care of your body!

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