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Agent Gloves ($29.99) 

The Agent Gloves are constructed with a unique thermal and wind-blocking material. Their contoured design provides for a custom fit and feel, along with outstanding dexterity. Smart-touch finger tips allow for a seamless touch-screen-device interface. 


Equinoxx Gloves 2.0 - Thermal & Water-Resistant ($34.99) 

Winter gloves MUST keep your hands both WARM AND DRY. The Equinoxx Gloves 2.0 feature a fluid-resistant breathable membrane that promises to keep your hands dry even in the most extreme weather conditions. 


Equinoxx Gloves 3.0 - Thermal, Water-Resistant and Wind-Resistant ($39.99) 

The Equinoxx Gloves 3.0 feature a new Triple-Layer Thinsulate that offers optimal wind-blocking and exceptional warmth. The gloves also feature a Hipora water-resistant membrane to keep your hands dry in rain and snow. Touch-screen capability to operate mobile devices.


Equinoxx Rendition Hoodie ($129.99)

If you love wearing a comfortable hoodie but regret that most aren't designed to withstand the elements... this hoodie is for YOU! Keeps you DRY in wet weather, WARM in frigid temperatures and blocks bone-chilling winds with its unique outer skin. Water-resistant too !


Equinoxx Rendition Hoodie SL ($149.99)

The Equinoxx Rendition Hoodie SL offers everything you need in an outer layer no matter the weather conditions. Slimmer-fitting than its predecessor, it offers outstanding comfort, functionality and protection.


Equinoxx Patrol Gloves ($39.99)

The Equinoxx Patrol Gloves provide the perfect balance between big, chunky winter gloves and ultra slim winter gloves. With wind-resistance, water-resistance and touch-screen technology, these will quickly become your go-to gloves while on the job in the winter.


Equinoxx Stage 3 - Ultra-Thermal Mock ($69.99)

The Equinoxx Stage 3 Ultra-Thermal Mock is for those who want a base layer that wears like a shirt but keeps you as WARM as wearing a JACKET! Thermal... Wind-blocking... Breathable. Don't sacrifice your safety, comfort and warmth during the cold-weather season. 


Guardian Gloves SL ($34.99)

The Guardian Gloves SL (Super Light) offer superior dexterity without the bulkiness commonly associated with wearing gloves. This ultra-light shooter's / search glove with high-impact injected rubber is perfect for those looking to protect their hands while maintaining high dexterity. 


Guardian Gloves SL-G ($39.99) 

The Guardian Gloves SL-G (Super Light with Grip) offer superior gripping capability on the fingers and palm. Often you'll need something that goes beyond what traditional gloves provide. This incredible design technology provides you with incredible grip-force and dexterity. 

    Equinoxx Gloves 2.0 - Thermal & Water-Resistant

    $ 34.99 $ 39.99

    Equinoxx Gloves - Thermal & Water-Resistant

    $ 29.99

    Equinoxx Stage 3 - Ultra-Thermal Mock

    $ 69.99

    Equinoxx Gloves 3.0 - Thermal, Water-Resistant and Wind-Resistant

    $ 39.99

    Rendition Hoodie

    $ 89.99

    Agent Gloves

    $ 29.99

    Equinoxx Patrol Gloves

    $ 39.99

    Equinoxx Rendition Hoodie SL

    $ 149.99

    Guardian Gloves SL-G

    $ 39.99

    Equinoxx Rendition Hoodie

    $ 129.99

    Equinoxx Gloves 3.0 - Thermal, Water-Resistant and Wind-Resistant

    $ 39.99

    Guardian Gloves SL

    $ 34.99

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