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Free Shipping (Within USA) available with order over $100.

Tradecraft Tactical Jacket - Mens EDC/CCW With Optional Level IIIA Body Armor

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The world we live in is changing rapidly. Heroes have been labeled the enemy while criminals are hailed as heroes. Your safety and security while out and about in everyday situations is no longer guaranteed. With cutbacks and defunding, you may be your own last line of defense. There is no guarantee that anyone is coming to save you. Therefore, you are obligated to be ready for anything at any moment. It's better to have this men's tactical jacket and not need than need and not have.


The Tradecraft EDC Jacket was designed with three things in mind; comfort, safety and survival. With ten (10) different pockets, you have virtually limitless storage capacity. All pockets feature waterproof zippers so your gear and important items stay dry. The Tradecraft Jacket is also equipped with hidden features which give you convert access to your CCW and EDC gear; a tactical advantage when you need it most.

One of the greatest features of this jacket is the one you can't see; its ability to house Level IIIA body armor panels in both the front and rear of the jacket. The rear of the Level 3A jacket accepts a traditional 10x12 shooters cut body armor panel. The front of the jacket utilizes two (2) custom shaped and sized Level IIIA body armor panels made exclusively for The Tradecraft Jacket by Legacy Safety and Security. These soft, flexible panels are rated to stop everything from 9mm to .44 magnum. The panels are dual-threat rated and thus offer a degree of stab protection as well. The Tradecraft Jacket gives you the protection you want and need when you need it most.

With features like ventilation ports under the sleeves, wind-blocking compression cuffs that extend into your gloves, an extended collar that doubles as a face covering and a hood that deploys with our patented "Sniper Cutouts" for peripheral vision, The Tradecraft Jacket isn't just something you wear; it is a piece of gear and an asset for your personal safety. 


  • Wind Blocking
  • Water Resistant
  • 10 Pockets (incredible storage)
  • Waterproof Zippers on All Pockets
  • Wind Blocking Compression Wrist Cuff Extensions
  • Covert Pockets For Front and Rear Level IIIA Body Armor Panels
  • Custom Designed Legacy Body Armor Panels - Custom Size & Shape
  • Covert CCW and EDC Access
  • Concealable Hood with Patented Cutouts For Peripheral Vision
  • Extended Collar Doubles as Face Covering
  • Magnetic Removable Storage Pouch on Sleeve


The body armor panels for the front of The Tradecraft Jacket are a custom size and shape specifically made for the front of this jacket. Traditional size body armor panels will not fit into the front of this jacket. The custom pocket on the rear of the jacket can and does accept a traditional 10x12 Level IIIA body armor ballistic panel.

    Due to recent legislation, all types of gunfire-protective armor can no longer be shipped within NY. Sales are only allowed in person to eligible professions (Ex: Police Officers, Security Guards, Firefighters, etc.). Please contact us at if you have any questions.


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