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Free Domestic (U.S.A) Shipping on orders over $100

Titan K-9 Body Armor Vest - Level IIIA Ballistic

$ 1,799.00
Color: Black

The first EVER Ballistic K-9 Body Armor which features Maxx-Dri Body Armor Ventilation Technology

* This product is made-to-order. Please phone Brad at 201-410-5990 for all inquiries. 


In 2016 heat exhaustion was the leading cause of Police K-9 deaths. Most Police K-9 vests and harnesses DO NOT offer any form of ventilation or breathability. When dangerous situations present themselves, these loyal K-9s are typically the FIRST to go into the danger zone. Ensuring that they are PROTECTED AND COMFORTABLE is paramount to their safety. That is why we developed the Titan Vest.


The Titan Vest was developed with the concerns of K-9 handlers around the world in mind. By offering Maxximum coverage and ballistic/stab protection while maintaining the K-9's comfort and mobility, The Titan Vest is truly the pinnacle for K-9 body armor and protection. 

Your K-9 is willing to protect YOU with their life...take a bullet for you if need be. The Titan Vest will give them the protection they need and deserve to help them do their job and go home with you at the end of your tour. 


  • Level IIIA armor (Made in The U.S.A.)
  • Threat Protection: 9mm / .40 / .45 / 44 magnum
  • Provides protection against stabs, slashes and cuts
  • Provides explosive protection
  • Provides blunt-force trauma protection
  • Maxx-Dri Ultra-Comfort - Superior Ventilation
  • Super-Light Design provides Maxximum agility 
  • Ultra-Fast Donning and Doffing Design
  • Heavy-Duty Mil-Spec Construction
  • Laser-Cut Molle
  • Dual-Sided Velcro
  • Dual Lead Attachment Points (Front & Rear)
  • Dual Heavy-Duty (200 lb. rated) Pull Handles
  • Dual-Sided Integrated Bungee Cord
  • Armor Skin Exterior for Ultimate Durability & Protection



  • M - 30" - 34" CHEST GIRTH 
  • L - 34" - 38" CHEST GIRTH

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