Guardian Gloves EXT Glove-Light System with P3P Light

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When you're on the job, your safety and efficiency are PARAMOUNT! Why sacrifice either by using antiquated tools like hand-held flashlights? Wouldn't you rather have BOTH HANDS FREE to take care of your concerns while working or on the job?
The high-powered LED flashlight is mountable onto either glove-hand giving you ambidextrous use.

    • Both hands now become free to deal with a potential threat which can save your life
    • When pulling over a driver at night you'll be more visible roadside by utilizing the Exxtremity Glove's Strobe Mode
    • No more having your flashlight in your "off" hand (or sometimes, without thinking, in your gun hand)
    • No more contorting your hands and wrists with your flashlight while your weapon is drawn
    • No more dropping your flashlight and having your safety compromised during a physical confrontation
    • No more losing your flashlight during foot pursuits
    • For K9 officers, no more concerns about insufficient light and not being able to draw your weapon with a lead in one hand and a flashlight in the other


    • 1 Detachable P3P LED Flashlight - 500 Lumens
    • 1 Pair of high-quality Level 5 Cut-Resistant Guardian gloves you can use with or without the mountable LED Flashlight
    • 1 Pressure-switch with an attachable cord that allows on-off OR momentary activation with the tap of your thumb against your index finger
    • 1 Picatinny Rail Mounting Clip which allows the LED Flashlight to easily snap on and off your glove (either hand)

    Our GUARDIAN GLOVE EXT GLOVE-LIGHT SYSTEM, incorporates the lighting you need right into your body!  By carefully studying biology and human anatomy our patent-pending design gives you hands-free illumination immediately when you need it.  Having both hands free, you’re tactically prepared to neutralize any threat and stay alive AND be better prepared and more efficient while on the job or working around the house.

    Whether you are on the job as a First Responder or you make a living with your hands,GUARDIAN GLOVE EXT GLOVE-LIGHT SYSTEM is GUARANTEED to make you safer and more efficient while at work!


    • Remove Light from glove before washing
    • Hand wash with anti-bacterial soap & warm water
    • Lay flat to dry



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