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Hockey Shoulder Pads Anti Odor Ventilation Vest

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Why You Need The Maxx-Dri Vest 4.0 Hockey Shoulder Pads Liner Ventilation Vest

The Maxx-Dri hockey vest 4.0 is the pinnacle of ventilation and cooling technology. Invented by a Police Officer and life-long hockey fan, it features a patented new material and design elements for improved ventilation, cooling and comfort. Over 20,000 Five Star Reviews have been posted from people working in various professions around the world who trust in their Maxx-Dri Vest every single day to keep them cooler, drier, fresher and more comfortable while wearing protective gear or sports shoulder pads. When you are more comfortable, you are more focused. When you are more focused, you play better.


The Maxx-Dri 4.0 Hockey Shoulder Pads Ventilation Vest provides separation between your shoulder pads and your undershirt, creating a layer of fresh air flow between your body and your shoulder pads. Our patented material does not absorb any moisture, so your sweat never has the opportunity to soak into your shoulder pads. This allows your moisture wicking shirts to actually do their job by wicking your sweat away from your skin into the atmosphere rather than soaking into your shoulder pads. This not only helps keep you and your skin fresher, cleaner and drier but also helps keep your hockey body armor shoulder pads from smelling like the dreaded "hockey smell." Never worry about how to clean or wash your hockey body armor shoulder pads ever again.


  • Full Maxx-Dri Construction (Maxximum ventilation)

  • NEW dual-chambered design for increased cooling/ventilation

  • NEW Velcro Side Closures for easy donning and doffing

  • NEW stay-put grip technology prevents your Maxx-Dri hockey vest from shifting

  • Triple reinforced stitching for Maxximum strength and durability

  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects (does not include wear)

  • FULL 360 DEGREE COVERAGE everywhere your shoulder pads rest

  • Anti-microbial and Anti-Fungal to keep you healthy and safe

  • Does not retain moisture

  • Anti-Gravity effect helps reduce neck/back discomfort and fatigue

  • A decrease in the likelihood of developing dangerous skin rashes and infections

  • A less sweat-soaked undershirt at the end of your practice/game

  • No more worrying about how to get rid of hockey pads smell

  • No more worrying about how to wash or clean hockey shoulder pads



Sizing for the Maxx-Dri Vest 4.0 is now easier than ever. With a fully adjustable Velcro side-closure system, you can adjust the fit of your Maxx-Dri Vest to the exact snugness you desire. NOTE: We recommend that the Maxx-Dri Vest be worn snug...not tight. Wearing your Maxx-Dri Vest too tight restricts airflow. 


To wash your Maxx-Dri Vest simply machine-wash it on the "Gentle" cycle with your regular laundry. To dry, simply hang it on a hanger. Since our patented material does not hold any moisture, it will be ready to use within just a few minutes. NOTE: DO NOT put your Maxx-Dri Vest in the dryer under any circumstances. Many have reported that they simply rinse their Maxx-Dri Vest off in the shower after practice or games and then hang it in their locker. It's fresh and ready to wear the next day. (Be sure to hang it IN your locker. If you leave it out, there's a good chance you'll never see it again.)

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