Equinoxx Complete Thermal Collection

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You can't predict the weather. Even within seasons there can be major fluctuations in temperatures. That's why we created this complete collection of our Equinoxx Thermals. Be prepared for any weather while at work. 


Our Stage 1 Thermal gives you the base-line of cold-weather comfort. For those days which aren't terribly cold, but cold enough that you need that little extra something to stay comfortable and focused.

Our Stage 2 Thermal gives you the next level of thermal protection. The sleeves, shoulders and upper chest feature our proprietary Equinoxx Stage 2 material which helps block the wind and provide increased thermal comfort.

Our Stage 3 Ultra-Thermal is the pinnacle of cold weather base layers. Constructed with our proprietary Stage 3 material, you get the ultimate in wind-blocking, warmth and comfort while still enjoying incredible breathability.


  • Kit comes with one (1) of each Stage Thermal
  • Proprietary Equinoxx material on stages 2 and 3 for optimal warmth and comfort
  • Breathable
  • Allows for unrestricted movement...eliminating the need for bulky jackets
  • Stages 2 and 3 optimal for those who wear body armor (moisture wicking core)
  • Work in concert with The Maxx-Dri Vest for those wearing body armor
  • Stage 1 is Compression fIt. Stage 2 & 3 are regular fit. 



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