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H.B.I.C.™ Strong Women

Product image 1H.B.I.C.™ Strong Women 221B Tactical
Product image 2H.B.I.C.™ Strong Women 221B Tactical
Product image 3H.B.I.C.™ Strong Women 221B Tactical
Product image 4H.B.I.C.™ Strong Women 221B Tactical

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The Head Bitch In Charge is a woman with unquestioned authority and gets what she wants whenever she wants it. She rules with an iron fist of bitchy-ness and fear. Cross her=you die. There can only be one Head Bitch In Charge in a workplace, school, team, etc. If there are two or more, they either a)become besties and rules in a partnership. or b) claw each others eyes out until there is only one left.

H.B.I.C.™ Strong Women

  • Fitted Tri-Blend Jersey
  • 50% polyester
  • 25% cotton
  • 25% rayon

Sizes: S-2XL

Grey is Available in plus sizes: L-2XL (Comparable to Men’s Sizing)

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