Guardian Gloves + Hero Gloves Bundle

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Get our two most popular gloves for one AMAZING low price and give your hands ULTIMATE protection while on patrol no matter the situation!!


  • 100% Spectra Lining protects not only palms BUT ALSO the back and sides of the hand
  • Armor-Skin on the palm and finger tips
  • Smart-Touch index finger and thumb for smart phone/touch-screen capability
  • Injected Rubber (High Density) on the back of the hands to protect fingers, knuckles and the back of hands
  • Superior cut protection
  • Spectra Lining offers protection of front, back and sides of hands with LEVEL 5 cut protection
  • Excellent durability and abrasion resistance....for LONG LASTING use
  • Spectra Level 5 cut protection EVEN WHEN THE GLOVES ARE WET (something most "cut resistant" gloves DO NOT offer)
  • Lightweight comfort AND breathable
  • High Density Injected Rubber on the back of the hands offer OUTSTANDING protection while allowing great flexion and mobility while maintaining a low profile (unlike hard, plastic knuckle gloves)
  • No need to remove your gloves to use your smartphone or touch-screen device
  • Superior blend and placement of materials provide a fit that makes this glove fit like a batting glove....NOT a bulky, chunky search glove
  • Armor-Skin on the palms and fingers give you superior grip under AND protection all conditions....wet or dry
  • Smart-Touch index finger and thumb for smartphone/touch-screen capability.


According to the DEA, the current "Heroin Epidemic" may be worse today than EVER before!

There are few things more mentally and physically taxing than getting stuck by a needle while on duty. The battery of tests and medications one needs to take following the incident are nothing compared to the mental anguish of simply not knowing if you've been infected with a deadly virus or disease. The strain this puts on you and your family is simply indescribable. 

Police Officers around the country are putting their lives on the line every day to help keep us safer. And in doing so are putting themselves in harms way while dealing with subjects carrying concealed needles. That is why our Founder and CEO designed and developed The Hero Gloves.


  • High-Strength Synthetic Leather construction...Built To Last
  • Needle-Resistant protective layer on ALL 5 fingers
  • Needle protection wraps COMPLETELY over the finger tips
  • New-Age materials and design for MAXXIMUM PROTECTION & DEXTERITY
  • Heavy-Duty wrist closures
  • Designed by a Veteran Police Officer who has conducted thousands of pat-downs and searches


The Hero Gloves were designed with a primary focus...provide adequate protection against needle sticks while still providing you with enough dexterity to manipulate small items and fire your duty weapon if need be. To do this we started from scratch and completely re-configured the baseline construction of these gloves. By streamlining the cut and stitching AND utilizing advanced new materials, The Hero Gloves fit like no other glove on the market which offers this level of protection. 



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