Hero Gloves SL + Guardian Gloves Bundle

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HERO GLOVES SL - Needle Resistant

The Hero Gloves SL feature a state-of-the-art material along the front of the fingers that seamlessly wraps over the finger tips to the back of the finger, past the finger nail. These gloves are constructed with a total of seven (7) top-grade materials, and shaped with our Comfort-Fit design to offer superior dexterity and durability. 


  • Needle-Resistant protective layer on ALL 5 fingers
  • High-Strength Synthetic Leather construction...Built To Last
  • Needle protection wraps COMPLETELY over the finger tips
  • New-Age materials and design for MAXXIMUM PROTECTION & DEXTERITY
  • Heavy-Duty wrist closures
  • Designed by a Veteran Police Officer who has conducted thousands of pat-downs and searches, and who knows what you need

*Due to high demand, Black Edition size S,M,L and Blue-line size S,L are currently out of stock but they will be restocked by 7/25. Please place your orders now and all  in the order they were received. 

GUARDIAN GLOVES - Level 5 Cut Resistant

  • 100% HPX Lining protects not only palms BUT ALSO the back and sides of the hand
  • Armor-Skin on the palm and finger tips
  • Smart-Touch index finger and thumb for smart phone/touch-screen capability
  • Injected Rubber (High Density) on the back of the hands to protect fingers, knuckles and the back of hands
  • Cut protection even if the gloves get wet (something most "cut resistant" gloves DO NOT offer)
  • High Density Injected Rubber on the back of the hands offer OUTSTANDING protection while allowing great flexion and mobility and maintaining a low profile (unlike hard, plastic knuckle gloves)


  • Hand Wash with Anti-Bacterial Soap and warm water
  • Lay flat to dry


Our products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship with a lifetime guarantee. Exclusions apply*. See Details

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