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Phantom Plate Carrier Full Package with Legacy Hard Armor Plates

Original price $ 732.00 - Original price $ 807.00
Original price
$ 732.00
$ 732.00 - $ 807.00
Current price $ 732.00
Armor Type: Level III 3 Lbs Hard Plate
Size: 10”x12”

* Armor plates will ship directly from the manufacturer

* Armor plates are custom-made and can not be cancelled.

Package includes one (1) Phantom Plate Carrier and two (2) armor plates.  Armor Plates will be shipped to you directly from the manufacture  


When you hear the words "shots fired"... things get REAL really fast. You don't have time to waste messing around with antiquated plate carriers that require you to remove three (3) different velcro closures just to secure it on your body ...

... And then having to re-secure all these closures once on your body.

This takes precious time that you don't have. And, if you have to exit your vehicle to put on your plate carrier, that's an even bigger problem. 

Designed by a 13 year Law Enforcement Veteran, firearms instructor and active shooter trainer, The Phantom Plate Carrier goes on faster and easier than any other plate carrier currently on the market. 


By incorporating a patented system of side-release buckles and heavy-duty straps, The Phantom Plate Carrier goes on and adjusts to your exact body structure within seconds.

  • No velcro to undo.
  • No straps to adjust.
  • No velcro to re-secure.

This all means one thing: Less time getting your armor on and more time focusing on your safety so you can WIN THE FIGHT and stay alive.

The Phantom Plate Carrier is constructed with our proprietary Maxx-Dri material, making it lighter and 100% more breathable than traditional plate carriers. This keeps you cooler, drier and less fatigued.

The next generation of PROTECTION has arrived! The Maxx-Dri "Phantom" Plate Carrier is what you need to STAY in the fight and WIN the fight!


  • Maxx-Dri Technology offers 100% breathability compared to traditional PCs
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Ultra Fast Donning and Doffing
  • Ideal for donning over a Police Uniform
  • Lightning Fast Infinity Adjustment System for a truly Custom Fit
  • Anti-Gravity weight management technology
  • Heavy Duty Mil-spec construction
  • Heavy Duty Genuine YKK buckles and straps
  • Molle and Velcro Molle front and rear
  • Front Velcro for ID patches
  • Heavy Duty Rear Drag/Rescue Handle
  • Available with rifle and pistol mag pouches
  • One Size Fits All


Legacy Safety and Security's  Level III Armor Polyethylene Body Armor Features:

  • NIJ 0101.06 compliant. 
  • Only 3.3 lbs in 10” x 12” Standard Shooters Cut
  • Level III rated
  • Ergonomic Single Curvature
  • Stand-Alone and Multi-Hit capable
  • 1.3” Thick Profile
  • Positive Buoyancy
  • UHMWPE ballistic core construction
  • Durable Nylon proactive cover
  • Edge impact padding
  • 5 Year Shelf Life
  • Assembled in USA


  • Construction: UHMWPE (Polyethylene) core
  • Coating: 600D nylon w/ edge padding
  • Weight: only 3.2 lbs.
  • Size: Standard 10” x 12” shooters cut


Legacy Safety and Security's Polyethylene Body Armor Level III Threat Level:

  • 7.62 x 51 M80 Ball at 2800 FPS
  • 5.56 x 45 M193 at 3150 FPS
  • 7.62 x 39 AK 47 at 2380 FPS

Please know and keep in mind that all LEVEL IV’s world wide are only REQUIRED to stop 1 round of an armor-piercing round to pass all government and NIJ testing! THATS IT! Every other level requires 6 shots to be stopped while the Level IV is left with only needing to stop 1 shot of a .30.06AP round.

Light weight true Multi-hit Level IV plate that far exceeds NIJ Requirements and the Level IV is not only one of the lightest plates on the market for this level it is the BEST as it stops 6 shots of that .30.06AP round! YES that’s right!!! Why push the BARE MINIMUM when this can provide you a lighter option that is so awesome that it stops 6 rounds! The Legacy Level IV plate FAR EXCEED the minimum expectations by the government.

Product Features:

  •  5.8 lbs. Level IV
  • NIJ Compliant .06
  • 10 x 12 single curve
  • Multi Hit
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Shooter Cut

Due to recent legislation, all types of gunfire-protective armor can no longer be shipped within NY. Sales are only allowed in person to eligible professions (Ex: Police Officers, Security Guards, Firefighters, etc.). Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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