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Protect What You Love Crew

Product image 1Protect What You Love Crew Apparel 221B Tactical
Product image 2Protect What You Love Crew Apparel 221B Tactical

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“Everyone Needs a Reason to do the Hard Work involved in preparing to defend yourselves or others in a worst-case scenario. When the newness wears off, when the excitement of learning new skills or buying new gear has passed and when it’s time to put in the hours of practice to maintain and develop your skills you need to be motivated. When it’s time to do the maintenance to keep your gear ready, when it’s time to spend the money and energy, you need to remember why you’re doing it.
You’re doing it to PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE.
It doesn’t matter what that thing, person or idea is… you’ve got to love it enough to do the hard work. This shirt is a reminder to yourself and a message to others."

Protect What You Love Crew

  • Fitted Shirt
  • 60% cotton
  • 40% polyester

Sizes: S-3XL

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