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Free Shipping on orders over $100 (Within U.S.A)

Spartan Armor - Advanced Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK)

$ 139.99
Color: Black


Includes select first aid and trauma tools to handle and treat severe bleeding, airway/respiratory issues, and more. The AFAK features the 600 D Compact IFAK Ripaway Pouch to efficiently store and organize critical life-saving and wound care components and allows the responder to rapidly and reliably address scenarios with the proper products. We highly recommend this kit for LEO/MIL and standard civilian use.

Ability To Respond

Being able to assess and address life-threatening injuries and wounds in the field, from minor cuts and abrasions to more extensive life-threatening injuries, is a crucial skill that requires a capable tool-set. The Advanced Individual First Aid Kit (AFAK) by Spartan Armor Systems® was designed to allow operators to be their own first-responder and to attend to colleagues when traumatic scenarios occur. Don’t be caught in a critical moment without the components you need to assist and rescue. The AFAK is a compact kit that can easily be stowed in a vehicle, backpack, locker, and virtually any other easy-access location.


Advanced Individual First Aid Kit (AFAK) Specs and Components:

  • 600 D Compact IFAK Ripaway Pouch WithMolle and Velcro 
  • NAR Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) in Black
  • Triton Grip SE Nitrile Gloves Large
  • NAR S Rolled Gauze- 4.5 x 4.1 yards
  • NAR Emergency Trauma Dressing- 4" (FLAT)
  • Hyfin Vent Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack
  • Rusch Latex Free Robertazzi 28fr Naso Airway With lube
  • 5.5 EMT Shears Black Handle
  • Survival Rescue Blanket-Compact
  • TCCCC Cards
  • 1 Sharpie Marker