Want to be an ASSET and not a liability?

The 221B Tactical Sheepdog Nexxus brings you exclusive training and content that augments our uncommon tactical gear.

The best gear in the world means nothing without proper training.

Are you in or in the way?

Join The over 30k Strong Legion of 221B Sheepdogs

Body Armor and Plate Carriers



Bags and Packs

Maxx-Dri Vests: Body Armor Ventilation

Tactical Lights

K-9 Gear and Armor


Best Tactical Gear of 2021 - Why You Need It Now More Than Ever

Click on the photo of each product to learn more about it, read reviews and even purchase it if you are so inclined. ...

Bug Out Bag List 2021 - The Essentials You Need In Your Emergency Kit

Bugout Bag Packing List 2021: Putting a bug out bag checklist together can be daunting — even if you’re only thinkin...
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