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When it comes to protecting your hands....the bar has just been RAISED!

When it comes to protecting your hands....the bar has just been RAISED!

One of the most critical parts of your body that help you function day-to-day are your hands.  And anyone who has ever sustained a substantial or traumatic injury to one or both of their hands will affirm this for you in case you have any doubt!

So when it comes to protecting your hands why do so many people settle for gloves that are second-rate and just NOT designed to adequately protect two of the most valuable assets on your body....your hands!

Officer Suresh Madhavan (Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 221B Tactical) is a 13 year police veteran who recognized this major concern and set out to develop gloves that truly GUARD your hands during some of the most rigorous and dangerous situations.  The end result of his mission has been coined by some as "The Best Protective Gloves" on the market.  Some are even calling these new gloves "Armor for your Hands" or "hand armor" (akin to body armor).

I sat down with Officer Madhavan and asked him about the development of these new gloves (which he plans to officially unveil at this years NRA Show in Louisville, KY).  

MG: So tell me, what led you to develop these gloves in the first place?

SM: Ever since I got on the job in 2003 I've seen guys go through dozens of pairs of gloves.  Whether they are for searching a car on a car stop, patting a suspect down or just plain protecting your hands while at the scene of a bad (car) wreck or going in to serve a warrant, you want to protect your hands.  I even went through quite a few pairs of gloves myself over the last 13 years.  And honestly the stuff that was out on the market just didn't cut it or didn't last.

MG: So what is so different about your gloves?  What are you calling them again?

SM: (Laughing) I actually didn't have a name for them up until a short time ago.  But I realized that what these gloves ultimately do is guard your my partners and I (the other two founders of 221B) decided to call them "The Guardian Gloves."

MG: I like it.  Makes perfect sense.  So what is it that makes them so special that has everyone talking about these gloves?

SM: They actually protect your hands while still giving the wearer the ability to feel and have great dexterity.  That was one of the most important things for me when designing these gloves....they had to feel great on and had to give me great flexion and dexterity.  Most gloves on the market don't provide either of these benefits.  

The Guardian Gloves' cut-resistance comes from a special material called "Spectra." However, we've incorporated this Spectra material not just on the palm like most gloves on the market.  On The Guardian Glove your entire hand is shielded and protected with Spectra.  The palm, the back of the hand, the sides and most importantly around each and every finger.

MG: So essentially there is no part of this glove that is not cut-resistant?

SM: 100%.  You finally have true 360 degree protection of your hands.  And The Guardian Gloves offer LEVEL 5 Protection.  This is not only important for the level of protection they afford but also because you also have this protection when the gloves are wet.

MG: Is that a big deal?

SM: It's a huge deal. Most cut resistant gloves are completely useless once they get wet.  Any cut resistant properties are completely negated once the gloves get wet. But with The Guardian Gloves you still have 100% protection even if the gloves get wet.  And when you're on the job your gloves can get wet with water, motor oil or other vehicle fluids at a wreck or even blood.

MG: Wow.  Impressive.  Never thought about that.  And what about this rough material on the palms?

SM: Yeah that's our Armor Skin which is an Ultra Rugged material we incorporated into the palms and some of the finger tips.  It gives you great grip in all conditions while providing an added layer of protection for your hands and fingers.

MG: Is it puncture resistant?  It seems like it is.

SM: It is not 100% puncture resistant.  It can withstand 7 lbs. of pressure from a needle point before the needle will begin piercing it.

MG: Got it.  But 7 lbs. is quite a bit of pressure.

SM: Correct.  So the average light pat down would not exceed that.  But if someone were to wind up and stab you in the hand with a needle at 30 lbs. of would of course puncture through.

MG: And what's this stuff on the back of the hand?  I'm not sure if I've ever seen this.

SM: It's awesome, isn't it?  That's done through rubber mold injection technology.  It's a special high density rubber that is strategically injected along the back of the hand to provide superior shock protection while still giving you unlimited flexion and mobility.  Some heavy-duty tactical gloves even have hard plastic bumps on the knuckles.  But those are not only cumbersome, they also limit mobility.  And our protection doesn't stop at the goes all the way down your fingers.

MG: Is there anything you didn't think of when designing these gloves?

SM: (Laughing) In a perfect world they would be 100% cut resistant AND 100% puncture resistant.  But making them 100% puncture resistant would have meant sacrificing something that is SO important to SO many people....dexterity, feel and touch.  But we are very happy with the level of all-around protection they provide. 100% cut and slash protection isn't bad for our first stab at pun intended.

MG: And they fit and feel great.  Feels like I'm wearing a baseball batters glove. They feel amazing.

SM: Of course they do. (Laughing) I designed them!  I wanted them to feel like the gloves I wore while playing football and to have a nice, snug fit which allows for great mobility.  There are about 7 different materials used to make each glove.  We spared no expense when it came to comfort and how these glove fit and feel. And you can even use an iphone while wearing these gloves.

MG: You really thought of everything here.  So here's the big question: what do they cost?

SM: We are launching them at $49.99.  I really wanted to keep them in a price range that police officers could afford.  We are committed to keeping our prices's part of our mission statement.  But people must also know that these gloves not only give your hands ultimate protection....they're also gonna last a long time.

MG: I believe it.  These things feel so well-made.  They really feel amazing.

SM: Thank you.  That really means a lot to me.

If you are on the job as a police officer or other first responder and you are looking for the best protection for your hands, I'm not sure if you will be able to find a better pair of gloves than 221B Tactical's new Guardian Gloves.  In fact, no matter what profession you are in, if you are looking to give your hands maximum protection you might want to check these out.  Once you put them on, you too will immediately see why those who have tried these gloves are raving about them. They look incredible and feel even better.  I too now agree why they are being called by some as the ultimate protection gloves for your hands or "HAND ARMOR."

The Guardian Gloves by 221B Tactical are available now on their website:


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