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Lighter side of Law Enforcement

Like you, even all of us at 221B Tactical need a break at times from the day-to-day rigors of running our company.  We work tirelessly at coming up with new ideas which spawn innovative, new inventions designed for taking care of the brave and noble people in law enforcement.  In the spirit of having fun we recently decided to engage our Facebook fans and friends by running a contest.
First we took a photo of what we thought was a cute situation involving some NYPD LEO's.  Check out this photo below:

We then published this post:
"Best Caption Contest" Just came across this photo which was shared with us. Great pic of two of New York's Finest!! Give us your best caption for this photo (these are fellow officers so be kind). Winner receives a $100.00 221B Tactical Gift Card! Go!!  Well, the race was on!  No sooner did we post this did we then begin to receive countless responses among 20K+ fans of our 221B Tactical Facebook Page.
Here's some of what we received back from officers throughout the country:

  • Nine lives matter!
  • So I got this cat and I'll give it to you if you buy me one of those vests that keep me cool!!!!
  • The All New
    New York
    Law & Order
    Kitten & K9 Victims Unit
    Where all the suspects will be frisked and lick inspected for weapons.
  • You have the right to remain cuddley
  • Just another day in the litterbox
  • Cat burglar caught red handed
  • Fur the love of God
  • Sarge, this rookie is full of fur and litter.....
  • It's the Thin Blue Fe-Line!
  • Drat! They caught me! It was the purrrrrrfect crime!

Sometimes having a little fun at work can make all the difference and it certainly held true among our LEO friends who came up with these clever captions.
It was really great to see cops as real human beings as opposed to seeing them as harsh and uncaring people as described by the ungrounded and harsh rhetoric used by the mainstream media over the past 12 months.
Well I guess by now you want to know which caption won the prize, yes?
OK................. drum roll please.....................  It was "Nine Lives Matter".
The prize was a $100 gift credit to any product from 221B Tactical and the winner chose a new Maxx-Dri Ultra Comfort Vest 2.0 version along with one pair of our proprietary designed Patrol Gloves.
All in all, great fun for everyone! We at 221B Tactical thank everyone for participating and for demonstrating their "lighter side" of law enforcement.

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