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Hate wearing a bulky coat on duty? The best winter thermal base layer ever has arrived!

Hate wearing a bulky coat on duty? The best winter thermal base layer ever has arrived!

With Fall in full swing and Winter fast approaching those of you who are on the job know what you're in for....freezing temperatures and blistering cold winds. 

Having worked on the job for 13 years, one of the things that was a constant battle was the decision to wear a winter coat while on patrol or not. Between your body armor and all your gear, it's hard to find that ideal layering combo that keeps you warm when you're out of the car but doesn't make you sweat to death while in the car or inside headquarters. Sound familiar? Well a solution is FINALLY on!

Very early on in my career I realized that I had one thing in common with tens of thousands of officers around the country....I couldn't stand wearing a coat or jacket while on patrol! 

Not only do I feel like most jackets simply fail to even keep me warm, but I also hate feeling like the kid from “A Christmas Story” in the snow suit….constricted and without full range of motion!! And when I feel constricted without my arms having their full range of motion I feel like my chances of winning a fight are greatly reduced!

Wearing a heavier coat might help in the warmth department while out of the car but it also makes you nearly sweat to death while sitting in your patrol car. Am I the only one who has ever clicked on the A/C in the patrol car in the middle of a winter snow storm?  

Also, bigger coats are typically bulkier and restrict access to the gear on your duty belt….something else that did not sit well with me while on patrol. I want easy access to my weapon and any of my duty belt gear when I NEED it. Also, sitting in a patrol car with a bulky coat made me feel like even more of a circus clown stuffed into the driver seat. And FORGET about getting to anything on my belt while seated in the patrol car with my coat on!

So what’s the solution? What’s the happy medium? Over my 13 years on the job I had tried wearing numerous things beneath my uniform....from Under Armour “Cold Gear” to Nike “Hyper Warm” and even regular old thermals like your grandpa used to wear. And although some of these worked okay, they never kept me as warm as my nice thermal windbreaker that I wore while off duty. And none of these expensive shirts did a thing to stop blistering cold winds.

You see, in my opinion a warm, thermal base-layer is the most critical part of your winter arsenal.  But most on the market are NOT breathable as they advertise to be. This is made worse by the fact that we are wearing body armor which DOES NOT allow ANYTHING to breathe. And what does this lead to? SWEAT!!  And as any outdoor expert will tell you, moisture (sweat/perspiration) is ENEMY #1 when braving the cold. It is moisture which makes you FEEL colder when out in the elements and which can lead to hypothermia. Additionally, many of these expensive winter base layers do absolutely nothing to help stop the wind.  And for me it’s the wind that chills me down to my bones while out of the car!

So what if there was something that could provide you with the superior warmth of a winter coat, the wind-stopping capacity of a winter shell AND was designed specifically for those who wear body armor on the you the freedom to move as if you were wearing nothing at all? Is it even possible?

Today 221B Tactical launches the first ever thermal base layer designed SPECIFICALLY for those who wear body armor or battle the elements while on the job!

Constructed with a patented, heat pressed, dual-layer thermal system which provides unprecedented warmth and insulation while simultaneously allowing for incredible moisture transfer and breathability. But one of the BEST features of this amazing thermal is that it incorporates a state of the art "wind-blocking" layer which fights off some of the harshest, bone-chilling winds. The culmination of these amazing features is a thin thermal base layer that wears like a shirt but keeps you as warm as a jacket!

So this winter STOP the age old dilemma of whether to wear a winter jacket or not and get the warmth you want and need WITHOUT THE BULK! Get the thermal top designed specifically for YOU!  Be WARM and MOVE FREE this winter!

After 12 winters on patrol here in the northeast, I decided that it must be possible for police officers and first responders to be WARM, COMFORTABLE AND SAFE while on the job.  Many have suffered and have said for years that it’s not possible! 

But our motto at 221B Tactical is not just words….it’s our mission....

“Eliminate the Impossible”

The 221B Tactical Equinoxx Ultra-Thermal is available now at

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