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Corrections Officers now being mandated to wear stab vests!

Corrections Officers now being mandated to wear stab vests!

Corrections Officers are now being mandated to wear Stab Vests. Can wearing a Maxx-Dri make wearing a Stab vest more bearable?

We recently heard from corrections officer Clifford Ferguson who works in Brevard County, Florida. So we asked him about the new mandate for corrections officers to wear stab vests while on the job.

Cliff advised that he has been on the job for fifteen (15) years. Recently his agency began mandating that corrections officers wear stab vests while on the job. According to Cliff corrections officers being mandated to wear stab vests is a “trend that looks to be spreading.” Cliff stated that there are approximately 1,300 officers within his agency.

When asked about how he feels wearing the stab vest Cliff stated that it’s “very hot.” Cliff stated that many officers on the job are either wearing a Level 1 or Level 2 vest. However, he said that the vest that he and his fellow co-workers wear is a Level 3….which according to Clifford is “much thicker, heavier and hotter.”

So when we asked Cliff about his Maxx-Dri Vest he couldn’t say enough about it.  “I love it” said Cliff about his Maxx-Dri Vest 2.0. “It does everything you guys said it would.” When we asked Cliff how he learned about the Maxx-Dri Vest he stated that he is a Sgt. and one of his "subordinates" actually told him about it.

We asked Cliff how specifically the Maxx-Dri Vest helps him while on the job. Cliff simply said, “it helps it (your body) breathe.” And this is exactly what the Maxx-Dri vest was designed to do!

“I go home now and I’m cool as a cucumber.  I have little to no sweat when I get home and I no longer want to itch my skin off after taking my stab vest off.”

So if you are a corrections officer wearing a heavy, hot stab vest you might want to consider a Maxx-Dri Vest. You’ll stay drier, cooler and more comfortable during the course of your shift. And after your shift you’ll be drier, your vest will be drier and you will protect yourself from breaking out in dangerous skin rashes! Isn’t your comfort and safety worth it? If you ask Cliff Ferguson he’ll surely tell you that his Maxx-Dri Vest was worth every penny!

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Stay safe out there!


Suresh Madhavan


221B Tactical

(Full Time Police Officer)

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