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How do you beat the hot Aussie sun & heat while wearing your ballistic body armor vest on the job? The answer is The Maxx-Dri Ultra Comfort Vest by 221B Tactical!

At our first trade show to introduce Maxx-Dri in June 2014, our very first order came from an Australian bloke in attendance.  At that time we couldn't yet see that we were on to something big with Maxx-Dri and we just thought to ourselves, "hey, that's cool that someone from Australia experienced this concern for himself and picked up a Maxx-Dri on the spot at our booth to hand-carry back to Australia".

From further research we have since learned that protective body-armor vests are not yet mandatory nation-wide in Australia as they currently are in the States.  So we began having conversations with Aussie police personnel via Social Media and email, learning that protective vests are currently being used more and more as the worldwide threat of terrorism and violence continues to become more real. With the Australian hot summer season in full-swing, now couldn't be a better time to help officers world-wide learn about Maxx-Dri's existence and how it will help them in so many ways.

With thousands of satisfied customers, we want to THANK the officers in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and other cities, who are enjoying the MANY benefits of our Maxx-Dri Vest!
  • Less Sweaty
  • More Dry
  • Cooler
  • More Comfortable
  • Less Prone to Bacterial Skin Infections Caused by Heat Rash
  • Increased Air Flow

Our Founder and inventor of The Maxx-Dri Vest, active duty patrol officer Suresh Madahavn from New Jersey, has created this short video to help our Aussie mates learn how wearing protective body armor NO LONGER NEEDS TO BE A BURDEN!  The Maxx-Dri Vest will definitely help all of you!

Now that Australia's HOT summer has arrived the time could not be more perfect to get one for yourself and feel relief while working in the heat of the oppressive sun. Take the opportunity to 
STOP feeling overly hot and sweaty while on the job; we are offering relief for you HERE & NOW with The Maxx-Dri Ultra Comfort Vest by 221B Tactical. 

Cheers Mates!!!


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