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Why can't winter gloves keep your hands WARM & DRY?

Why can't winter gloves keep your hands WARM & DRY?

After spending 12 winters on the job here in the northeast I can't tell you how many pairs of winter gloves I've gone through.  It seems like every winter I find myself trying yet another pair of winter gloves in an effort to keep my hands warm AND dry while on patrol.  You all know how miserable it is working in foul weather to begin with.  But couple that with having wet, freezing hands while you're out there and it makes it that much worse.

Many gloves that I tried over the years, many by BIG name outdoors companies, did a decent job of keeping my hands warm....until they got WET!! Just that little bit of moisture from either knocking snow off my patrol car, putting out or picking up traffic cones on an accident scene in the rain/snow or simply directing traffic in the rain/snow and that was it.  My gloves would be wet and soaked, and before I knew were my hands.  And as many of you know, wet hands in the winter equals COLD HANDS!

Eventually I gave up trying to find gloves that would keep my hands warm and dry and just got used to the procedure of having to throw my gloves up on the dashboard of my patrol car and blast the heat to the windshield to dry them out.  At times, when my fingers were also frozen, I would alternate the heat between the windshield to dry out my gloves and the dashboard vents to thaw out my fingers.  Of course in the winter time when I'm all bundled up on patrol this lead to turning my car into an oven and nearly sweating to death....all because my gloves failed to keep my hands warm and dry!  If you're laughing right now as you read know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

So after 12 winters on the job I decided enough was enough.  There had to be a solution to this problem that my fellow officers and I deal with every winter.  That's when I started working on The Equinoxx Glove!

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The Equinoxx Glove is like nothing you've worn before.  I specifically designed The Equinoxx Glove to stand up to the rigors of daily winter patrol use.  We also integrated features from our Exxtremity Glove into The Equinoxx Glove so that you can enjoy the benefits of hands-free lighting while on the job.  This comes in handy while directing traffic and conducting many other patrol activities in the winter months.  But MOST importantly, I designed The Equinoxx Gloves to not only keep your hands warm....but also DRY!  That's right....The Equinoxx Glove is 100% waterproof!

I realized that the two things that make your hands cold in the winter are the wind and dampness.  And dampness can come from the elements OR from your hands perspiring.  Once your hands get wet and the wind kicks's all over!  So with this in mind I designed The Equinoxx Gloves to be 100% waterproof from the elements, windproof AND breathable!

Now before you go and dismiss this as yet another bogus claim, let me assure you of one thing.  I have personally purchased MANY gloves over the past 12 years that have claimed to be "waterproof" but were the farthest thing from it.  Fancy labels with fancy brand names don't mean anything to me anymore....I've tried them all!!  What matters in the end is what actually WORKS!  And if you're looking for a winter glove that will keep your hands warm AND dry....look no further.

Many cops, like myself, are too skeptical to believe what they matter how compelling the narrative may be.  That is precisely why I created the video below!!  I wanted to show everyone in real time just how amazing these gloves truly are.  Watch a demo of The Equinoxx Gloves in action!  You have to see it to believe it!

So if you're like me and tired of cold, wet hands in the yourself (and your hands) a favor and try The Equinoxx Gloves by 221B Tactical. At just $39.99 these gloves will instantly become one of your favorite things to carry in your patrol bag AND personal vehicle!!

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221B Tactical - December 2, 2018

Michael Armocida,

Horrible demonstration or demonstration of what these gloves were designed to do? We never stated that these gloves were “water repellent.” We only state that these gloves keep your hands warm and dry. And by the 5 Star reviews they have gotten from people around the world working in extreme conditions, we’d say they are doing their job and meeting and exceeding the expectations of those using them.

If you watched a demo video of a chainsaw, designed to cut through trees and logs, would you comment, “Horrible demonstration. This chainsaw is no better than any other chainsaw. If you tried to cut through a cement block, that chainsaw would fall apart.” Probably not, right? In kind, our gloves were designed to prevent water from soaking through to your skin. They were not designed to be 100% water-repellent…especially when submerged. Also, no glove is “ice-proof.” Even rubber gloves will ice up on the outside when in extreme conditions. We’ve seen it during testing. Will your hands be dry though? Yes. Will your hands be 100% warm? No.

There are many gloves on the market that claim to be “water-proof” yet when you submerge them in water, they leak and your hands end up wet. We tested many of these gloves. So the purpose of our test was to demonstrate that our gloves DO NOT allow water to soak through like other gloves on the market. That was all. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Now, if you are looking for a “WATER REPELLENT” glove, you are most likely going to need to look at gloves with a rubberized outer coating. Because even gloves with “water repellent” outer fabric will retain water if kept under water long enough. We know this from our testing.

Hope this helps. We wish you the best in your search for 100% water-repellent gloves made of fabric (not rubber) that will keep your hands dry when submerged in water.

Michael Armocida - December 2, 2018

Horrible demonstration. Shows that they are no better than any other glove with a waterproof liner. Yes, your hand was dry but the gloves got saturated and soaked. Wear those in winter and they’ll freeze to ice, freezing your hands in the process. A truly waterproof glove will repeal water on the outer material. Based on what I saw, these gloves are no better than any of the others.

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