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Is your back killing you at the end of your shift??  Maybe it's time you looked at what you're sitting on!

Is your back killing you at the end of your shift?? Maybe it's time you looked at what you're sitting on!

Ever get done with your shift and feel like your back is screaming?  Do your hips and lower back hurt like hell?

Maybe even during your shift, while wearing all your gear, you feel that pain radiating through your back and hips.  Ever feel that cuff case digging into your lower back?  

Some officers even report numbness and tingling in their legs from sitting in the patrol car for extended periods of time.  

Wouldn't it be nice to get done with your shift, go home and NOT have your body "feel like" you just got hit by a bus?  Imagine being pain free and relaxed once you get home!

Research has shown that many of these issues, stemming from prolonged sitting, arise from pressure on your coccyx.  And this pressure can not only cause severe pain but can also lead to conditions related to sciatica, your prostate and hemorrhoids.

So why do tens of thousands of police officers continue to suffer from these conditions?

Not only do we sit for extended periods of time while on patrol, we are doing so while being weighted down with an additional 25-30 pounds of gear!  And the end result is hip pain, lower back pain, sciatica, prostate issues and hemorrhoids....just to name a few.

Additionally, many of these health concerns can surely stay with you even AFTER you retire!

One solution that millions of Americans and thousands of police officers and first responders have turned to are orthopedic seat cushions.  These specifically-designed seat cushions, now being used by more and more officers daily, help more evenly distribute your weight while seated and help relieve pressure on your coccyx.

221B Tactical is now offering an orthopedic seat cushion specifically designed for police officers and first responders who spend their shift wearing heavy and bulky duty belts.

As a police officer for the past 13 years I can speak first-hand about the pain and discomfort associated with working a 12 hour shift wearing body armor and a duty belt. It's NOT comfortable at all!  But at the same time these are things we cannot go on patrol without.  I always wear my body armor on duty and always have a fully equipped duty belt: O/C spray, weapon, cuffs, radio, ASP, spare flashlight and mag pouch.

221B Tactical's New Orthopedic Seat Cushion offers exceptional comfort for those who are on the job experiencing the concerns that come with wearing all the necessary gear on duty. 

Here are just a few of its features and benefits:

  • Constructed with a high grade memory foam and a rugged exterior, our Orthopedic Seat Cushion was designed with specific concerns in mind.  
  • Helps those who suffer from tailbone and hip pain, low back pain, sciatica,
    prostate and hemorrhoids
  • Can be used in your patrol car, ambulance, while in headquarters doing reports, personal car, airplane, stadium chairs/bleachers, wheelchairs and
    even during pregnancy
  • Reduces pressure on sensitive areas
  • Prevents injury
  • Aides in proper alignment of spine
  • Promotes better posture


    So whether you currently suffer from any of the aforementioned ailments or not, one thing is for DON'T want to suffer from them in the future or during retirement!! 

    The Solace Orthopedic Seat Cushion is available now at 

    Check out our new product page to see more of the features and benefits of this amazing new product and to view a quick video.  With a 30-day RISK FREE opportunity to try this beautiful product, is there any reason in the world you can think of to not give it a try?

    Get yours today!

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