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Best Tactical Gear of 2021 - Why You Need It Now More Than Ever

Best Tactical Gear of 2021 - Why You Need It Now More Than Ever

If you have a pulse you most likely have seen what as been happening in our country over last year. It appears that lawlessness, crime and stupidity are on the rise while common sense and law and order are on a massive decline. And no matter who you voted for (Trump or Biden), if you're not concerned for your safety and the safety of your family, you need to seriously reconsider your priorities in life. Nothing, NOTHING, trumps survival (no pun intended).

Below you'll find a listing of our most popular tactical gear items for 2021 that will help keep you safer and ultimately, alive, as rated by our customers and loyal followers. These are not merely cool items that would be nice to have. These are literally items that, should the event occur, could help save your life (or the life of a loved one) or help you get out of a sticky situation.

Click on the photo of each product to learn more about it, read reviews and even purchase it if you are so inclined. This 2021 tactical gear guide is here for your education, not to shove gear down your throat with the hopes you buy it. We invite you to compare this gear to others; features, benefits, quality, price, value and relevance to your specific safety and security needs and goals. What's right for one is not right for another; and that's perfectly ok. If more people in society grasped this, we might be in a better place as a country...but I digress.

Ok, enough of the chatter. Let's get to what you came here for! The best tactical gear of 2021 for Law Enforcement, Military, Civilians, Airsoft...and even your dog.

1. Best Plate Carrier: QRF Plate Carrier

2. Best Tactical Jacket: Tradecraft Jacket

3. Best Tactical Belt: Paladin Battle Belt

4. Best Tactical Gloves: Warrior Gloves

5. Best Full Dexterity Shooting Gloves: Gladiator Gloves

6. Best Tactical Bag: Ultimate Assault Pack

7. Best Vehicle Accessory / Bug Out Bag: Harlej Bag

8. Best Underwear: Maxx-Dri RFX Boxer Briefs

9. Best Base Layer: Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Shirt

10. Best Tactical Dog Harness: Artemis K-9 Harness



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