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Body Armor Cooling Vest Invented by Veteran Police Officer Keeps Cops & Soldiers in IOTV Less Sweaty and More Comfortable

Body Armor Cooling Vest Invented by Veteran Police Officer Keeps Cops & Soldiers in IOTV Less Sweaty and More Comfortable

If you're reading this article you are more than likely a Police Officer, Soldier or First Responder who is looking for a way to sweat less, be cooler, drier and more comfortable while wearing body armor on the job. You may also be a civilian sheepdog that wears body armor while training to protect your family. No matter who you are or the reason you wear body armor, you want to be as comfortable as possible while doing so.

Why is body armor so uncomfortable?

There are three (3) main reasons why body armor is not comfortable. The first is the most obvious one: body armor does not breathe. Our skin is not designed to be suffocated. It's a living, breathing organ that needs to be exposed to ambient air. The second you put your body armor on, you restrict your skin's ability to breathe. This, in turn, causes increased perspiration, heat and trapped moisture. This trapped perspiration leads to a build-up of bacteria. Without adequate airflow, this bacteria builds up and leads to the dangerous skin rashes and infections that so many who wear body armor suffer from.

The second reason why wearing body armor is unbearable at times is due to its weight. On average, soft body armor worn by police officers and law enforcement weighs approximately 6-8 pounds (for level IIIA armor). Instantly adding nearly 10 pounds to your body does no favors to your neck, back, hips and knees. Many police officers blame the weight of their body armor and duty belts for these ailments. 

The third reason why wearing body armor is so miserable is because of its stiffness and constriction. Now, over the years body armor has gotten a lot better in this area. But ask anyone who wears body amor today and they'll tell you that even some of the newer, "softer" body armor is STILL stiff and restricts movement. Body armor panels don't stretch. They don't expand. That's why so many who wear it feel like a turtle in a half-shell. Once again, we as human beings are not designed to have something like this on our bodies.

Is there any way to make body armor more comfortable?

How do I sweat less while wearing body armor? That was one of the questions I asked myself in 2012 which lead me to develop The Maxx-Dri Vest for under armor ventilation. What needed to be done was simple; create some space between my body armor and my under armour moisture wicking compression shirt (which didn't wick moisture when worn beneath my body armor...but that's another story). Simple in concept yet difficult to actualize. It's easy to copy someone else's hard work and ideas. It's something else entirely to invent a product which didn't previously exist. But I was determined to make it happen. I knew I was suffering and needed relief and so did my co-workers.

After nearly 12 months of sourcing, prototyping, testing and evaluation, the final product was ready to hit the streets. The Maxx-Dri Body Armor Cooling Vest for comfort and ventilation made it's debut at Police Security Expo 2014 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. While at the expo, I was interviewed by a reporter from They were intrigued by this brand new invention which didn't exist in the marketplace because they realized just how serious the concern was for those wearing body armor on the job and in the military.

Taking care of heroes around the world...

Fast forward 5 years, 4 models (The Maxx-Dri Vest 3.0 and 3.0 SL being the newest) and nearly 200k daily users world wide which brings us today. With over 12k Five Star Reviews, The Maxx-Dri Body Armor Cooling Vest is the undisputed leader when it comes to helping police officers, soldiers wearing IOTV and first responders stay cooler, drier, less sweaty, more comfortable and safer while on the job and on patrol.

If you're reading this article you're most likely doing your research and have maybe even seen a few knockoffs of our incredible invention. But you know and I know, like many things in life, there's nothing like the real thing and you get what you pay for. There's a reason why the Maxx-Dri Vest 3.0 is trusted by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard who wear IOTV and need ventilation and weight mitigation. Why do you think? We are NTOA tested and recommended, GSA approved, NIJ certified lab tested and have a 14 point quality control and inspection protocol. That's what you need to be looking for when purchasing something that you're going to wear on your body beneath your body armor. If you want to skimp, skimp on your jeans or toothpaste...not on something worn under body armor.

Want to learn more about this incredible body armor cooling vest invention for ventilation and comfort? Click below...

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