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Equinoxx Stage 3 / K2 Factoid #2 of 5: Effective at Blocking Wind and Resisting Rain

Equinoxx Stage 3 / K2 Factoid #2 of 5: Effective at Blocking Wind and Resisting Rain

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In Factoid #1, we discussed how Stage 3 (for wearing body armor) and K2 Thermal (full protection of the core for not wearing body armor) really do keep you warm, with a temperature rating of 15 degrees fahrenheit (-9.45 degrees celsius). But these relatively thin base-layer shirts are also highly effective at blocking wind and resisting rain.

Customers say:

The first day that I tried it, the temperature was 16F with 15mph winds. I had on a cheap $10 base layer, the equinox over that, and a thin summertime FR shirt over the equinox. I DID NOT FEEL THE COLD NOR THE WIND AT ALL!!! —Mario Jimenez

Perfection. Used it in 28 degree weather with windy conditions and never felt the wind and was warm for my 8 hour shift outdoors. Best of all I didn't need to layer up and only had my long sleeve uniform shirt on and no bulkiness of having a jacket on. Great product. —Marco B.

Right now in Chicago it’s 10 degrees with high winds, everyone at my agency is wearing a coat. All I’m wearing is my thermal with a vest carrier, and I don’t feel the cold coming through at all. —Samuel B.

Stage 3 and K2 provide full thermal protection, blocking wind and resisting rain just as you’d expect from a winter coat. In addition, they also provide the freedom of movement that you most certainly don’t get with a bulky winter coat. How do Stage 3 and K2 provide all this protection while also being flexible?

3-Layer Design

Innovative design and materials is the key. The material—which is soft, supple and fairly thin—is actually comprised of three different layers that are heat-pressed together.

1) The inner layer is the grid-thermal material that traps body heat and keeps you warm.

2) The middle layer is water resistant.

3) The outer layer blocks wind.

For K2, the entire shirt uses this material. For Stage 3, designed to be used with body armor, the core material is different. It’s a moisture-wicking, polyester/spandex blend that does not include the inner thermal-grid layer, so that you don’t over-heat in your body armor.

To learn more now, please see our Equinoxx Stage 3 product page, and the K2 Thermal product page.

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