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Equinoxx Stage 3 Thermal Customer Reviews for Winter Weather Protection

Equinoxx Stage 3 Thermal Customer Reviews for Winter Weather Protection

I recently shared how I created Equinoxx Stage 3 thermal base-layer shirt as a police officer trying to stay warm in harsh winter weather without sacrificing my safety by wearing a bulky winter coat. And I’ve discussed some of the specific challenges police officers in particular face working in cold weather.

For many years now, Stage 3 has been highly popular with police, who wear it under their body armor, but also with others who use it for outside work and leisure activities in the cold. See their reviews on our Equinoxx Stage 3 product page. Some highlights:

Keeps You Both Warm and Mobile

“I work in WI so I need to be warm in the winter,” says Lina E. “I do not like to wear a coat, as I personally feel it is hard to get to my gear. This is PERFECT! I stay warm but I am not sweating under my vest. LOVE IT!!”

Joshua N. says: “I stay warm without having to wear a coat with temperatures ranging between 10-30 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s light weight and doesn’t hinder my mobility at all.”

“Right now in Chicago it’s 10 degrees with high winds, everyone at my agency is wearing a coat,” says Samuel B. “All I’m wearing is my thermal with a vest carrier, and I don’t feel the cold coming through at all.”

Adam R. speaks to Stage 3’s delivery of both warmth and mobility, and well as preventing overheating indoors: “The shirt has kept me warm in 15 degree weather and has kept the mobility up that I expected from it....I've recommended it to co-workers and they have enjoyed the warmth and freedom this shirt provides as well. Somehow the shirt does not overheat you while indoors as well.”

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No Overheating When Coming in Out of Cold

In an earlier email, I wrote about the issue of overheating when coming in out of the cold to a building or patrol car, and then the misery and danger of sweat moisture freezing on the skin when going back out into the cold. Stage 3 is designed to breathe and minimize the overheating problem.

“I absolutely love it,” says Korey K. “I am a police officer in Ohio where it can be quite cold. Super comfortable and breathable. 100 times better than any under armor item I’ve ever purchased.”

Gary R. shares: “Recently Weather was below zero in Colorado. Wore this under my Short Sleeve Uniform Shirt and Ballistic Vest. Was Warm and comfortable outside and Cool and Comfortable indoors. No Heavy, Bulky Jacket needed!!”

“I wore the shirt around the house without getting overheated after it arrived, so was admittedly skeptical of how warm the Stage 3 would be in the cold on duty,” says Ryan A. “I tend to run cool and usually have to dress like Randy from the 1980’s movie, ‘A Christmas Story’ to stay warm outside the patrol car for any length of time in the winter. This means either roasting in the car/indoors, or freezing outside. It was 23 degrees with a light breeze when I headed to the range wearing this base layer under a short sleeve polo and external vest carrier. To my amazement I was completely comfortable for the entire range day without compromised mobility.”

In Combo with Maxx-Dri Vest

Our Maxx-Dri Vest for body armor ventilation is just as beneficial in the winter as in the summer—maybe even more, because of the overheating issue discussed above. It’s the perfect complement to Stage 3.

DJ Newton, a LEO from Kentucky, says Stage 3 is the “real deal,” and that he was, “skeptical at first, but after a few weeks of wearing the Equinox thermal Stage 3 I have yet to put a jacket on in 20 degree weather...I did buy the Maxx Dri vest in conjunction with the thermal, also a great product!”

“I am a sheriff’s deputy in northwest Colorado where the summer are hot (over 100 degrees) and the winters are cold (-10 to -30),” says Nate B. “I know the maxx-dri is a great thing in the summer to keep you cool under your body armor but what still amazes me after 3 years wearing the maxx-dri with the equinoxx thermal is how much warmer you stay! I used to have to wear a base layer, my armor, my uniform shirt and a bulky heavy coat to stay warm during the winters. After buying the 221b products, I have half the clothing on and stay warmer than I did before! Anyone who works in cold weather should absolutely buy these products to wear on duty.”

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Non-Police Applications

“Amazing for construction too!” says Mario Jimenez. “I’m an industrial electrician working at a refinery in Oklahoma. The first day that I tried it, the temperature was 16F with 15mph winds. I had on a cheap $10 base layer, the equinox over that, and a thin summertime FR shirt over the equinox. I DID NOT FEEL THE COLD NOR THE WIND AT ALL!!!....The next day it was 10 degrees F and I wore the same 3 layers and still didn’t feel cold! This is perfect for construction and doesn’t restrict movement at all.”

James P. recounts: “I was part of the initial COVID-19 incident response working warehousing to get PPE out in March and April 2020....I eventually became known as a "black cloud" because every time we got a PPE delivery, it would always be sleet, rain, cold biting winds, or snow. I layered myself with multiple hoodies and jackets. And even though I did feel warm, that bulkiness was a hindrance to doing warehouse work. These thermals would have been so much better for deployments like those. They keep me warm, yet allow for great mobility, which enhances productivity in my line of work.”

Stage 3 does not provide full thermal protection for the core, because that’s covered by body armor. We just launched K2 Thermal, which does protect the core, and delivers all the same benefits of mobility and winter-weather comfort for all other work and leisure applications.

If you use Stage 3 for any work activity besides law enforcement, or any leisure activity such as hunting, fishing, hiking, etc., we’re still looking for feedback to help market our new K2 Thermal.

Please let me know any questions.

Suresh Madhavan

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