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First Responder Discount Codes - Police, Fire, Paramedic, EMT

There is no doubt that our nation's first responders are our first line of defense against evil and the ones who answer the call when disaster strikes. It’s difficult to find a mature adult that hasn’t needed to call 911 for something or someone at some point in their life.

At 221B Tactical, our mission is to help keep our brave first responders alive by keeping them safer and more comfortable while on the job. And that’s why we proudly offer first responder discounts to those who keep us safe every day.

We offer first responder discount codes to police officers, law enforcement, fire fighters, EMTs, paramedics and health care workers because we recognize that many of these heroes are not highly compensated. In fact, many are volunteers, dedicating their time and energy for no pay at all; they simply want to give back to their communities.

If you’re a first responder and are looking for the best tactical gear, apparel and training, contact us today for your exclusive first responder discount codes.

Email our Customer Care Squad today at sales@221btactical.com if you have any questions or for any help with getting your very own first responder discount code. 

From our 221B Tactical Sheepdog family to yours, thank you for your dedication and your service. 221B Tactical has your six! 


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  • I am a armed license Security Officer i work in a very dangerous posts do I qualify for the discount

    John Green

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