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Got back pain? Here’s a natural solution to bring you relief without medication. Police Officers, truck drivers and Uber drivers...listen up!

Got Back Pain? Here’s A Natural Solution To Bring You Relief Without Medication. Police Officers, Truck Drivers and Uber Drivers...LISTEN UP!!

Here are a few things that most people have no idea about when it comes to Police Officers...

The gear they wear every day on patrol can weigh up to 35 lbs!

Meal breaks are not scheduled and not guaranteed!

Getting out of work on time is not guaranteed!

Working nights, weekends and holidays ARE guaranteed!

Their patrol car is their office for 8, 10, 12 or even 16 hours!

This last point always comes as a real surprise to most people as they never look at a vehicle as being someone’s office! That’s because when most people go to work, they drive their car to a physical office or building of some kind. For most, a car is simply their means to get to work. However, for police officers, their office is a car. This also holds true for truck drivers, UPS and FedEx drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers and many others who drive for a living.

Most people arrive at work, park their car, enter their building, go to their desk or office and set out their belongings and work for the day. Police officers typically arrive at work, change into their uniform and nearly 40 lbs. of gear (usually in some sort of locker room) and then step into a police car to set up their duty bag and various other items for their tour of duty. And for the next however many hours, that patrol car is all they have. It’s their office, their desk, their break room, their lunch room, their everything (except their restroom...the line has to be drawn somewhere).

During the course of their shift they will use their vehicle to transport stranded motorists, lost elderly folk, truant children, stray/lost dogs, drunk drivers, found bicycles and of course, prisoners. At times, clean up and disinfecting of their vehicle is required following the transport of some people and animals. Truth be told, clean-ups are required following the transport of people way more often than animals.

But the most important passenger in any patrol car at any given time is, of course, the driver. And for anyone that has ever driven on a long road trip in excess of 8-10 hours, you know just how uncomfortable sitting in that driver seat for such a long period of time can be. Now imagine doing that every single day. Thus it comes as no surprise that back pain and back injuries are the leading issues for both active duty and retired police officers. Ironically, police dispatchers, EMS workers and paramedics also suffer from back pain triggered by prolonged sitting.

After 13 years on the job and seeing countless officers suffering from back pain like himself, veteran police officer Suresh Madhavan decided there had to be a solution to take care of this widespread issue. This lead him to develop a specialized seat cushion designed specifically for law enforcement and police officers.

Madhavan, who graduated university Pre-Med but opted for a career in law enforcement over medicine, recognized that the root cause of these incidents of back pain and lower back injuries was not just a result of prolonged sitting but also due to the added weight of the duty belts police officers wear all shift long. Add to this the bulk and protrusions of the duty belt, which throw off seated posture, and you have the perfect storm for back pain and injury.

The Solace Select Orthopedic Seat Cushion, designed by Madhavan while still working as an active duty police officer, is now used by law enforcement and first responders around the world! Because of its success, many in the civilian population have taken notice and have chosen The Solace Select cushion over cushions using traditional materials to help take care of their back discomfort. 

Whether in their car or truck or in their home or office, thousands are now enjoying the benefits of an Orthopedic seat cushion which was actually designed by someone who truly felt their pain.

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