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Health, Wealth and Wisdom #7

Health, Wealth and Wisdom #7

As 2022 comes to a close, many of us don't know what the future holds. Between the economy, housing market, stock market and skyrocketing crime, anxiety is at an all time high. Add to that discoveries about what has really been going on at prominent social media companies like Twitter and Facebook, and we are left with not even knowing if we can trust the platforms we rely upon so heavily for communication. 

So in 2023 you have two options. You can either continue to do what you did all through 2022 (and most likely for many years prior). Or, you can commit to doing things completely different. The former will most likely result in more of the same; anxiety, fear and distrust. While the latter will more than likely result in all new situations and possibilities. 

Here's what you can be assured of - if you do in 2023 what you've done over the last few years, this time next year, you're going to most likely be in the same exact position that you're in now...or worse. So if that's NOT what you want, you MUST change your actions. It's the ONLY way to achieve different results and put yourself in a NEW situation. 

That said, here are three (3) tips for your mind, body and bank account that helped me go from a Police Officer with less than $200 in my checking account to the owner of multiple business ventures with a net worth in the millions. Use these if you want to make 2023 the year that changes your life. Or don't, and let 2023 be just one more year closed to dying. The choice is yours. But remember, don't complain about your situation if you knowingly do nothing to change it...

NOTE: "Mind - Body - Bank Account" is the title of my private blog for our premium members. However I'm sharing a snippet of it here since it's the end of the year and this one is important. Health, Wealth and Wisdom will be back in 2023 in a slightly new format. Enjoy!

Mind: Visualization

One day many years ago I was at a race track watching a NASCAR race. I was lucky enough to get pit passes which gave me access to the pit crews, cars and drivers. 

As I walked through the pits I noticed one of the top drivers in history sitting behind a tool chest in his team garage. As I watched him, I noticed his head tilting and turning, back and forth, side to side. His eyes were closed. Was he listening to music? Was he stretching his neck? I wasn't sure. So I asked. 

As one of the mechanics was coming out of the garage, I asked, "Hey. What is he doing?" The mechanic replied, "He's visualizing driving the race course and visualizing winning the race. He does it every race." 

What was so impressive about this was the fact that he was actually tilting and turning his head just as it would while in the racecar going around the track. And clearly, it worked. That season, he won yet another championship. And it wouldn't be his last.

UFC Legend Connor McGregor famously visualized and, in fact, practiced the exact sequence which he would use to go up against the undefeated Jose Aldo. Aldo, at the time, hadn't lost a fight in over a decade.

On the night of December 12, 2015 at UFC 194, Connor McGregor entered the ring against Jose Aldo at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas and the exact scenario that he had visualized for months played out. Twelve (12) seconds into the fight, Aldo did EXACTLY what McGregor had visualized. McGregor responded by doing precisely what he had visualized and practiced. Thirteen (13) seconds into the fight, Jose Aldo was knocked out. 

Ironically, every single millionaire I met when I was younger also told me how they had visualized their success well before it actually happened. And in many cases, what happened in their lives was EXACTLY how they had visualized it. Exactly!

For years I thought visualization was some sort of bogus, psychic fortune teller type garbage. But after repeated instances of seeing highly successful people swearing by it, I decided to truly give it a try. And it forever changed me life.

Whatever your goals may be for 2023, if you are serious about them, commit to visualizing them as if they've already happened. Do this at least twice a day. Not hoping for them to happen but truly feeling how it would feel as if they were already a reality. Then watch what happens.

Body: Sleep, Sunlight and Movement For 30 Days Straight

Over the years one of the things I disrespected the most was the body's need for sleep. I would always burn the midnight oil and say things like, "I'll sleep when I die." As if getting little to no sleep was some sort of right of passage for the true "hustler" and entrepreneur. Sadly, I couldn't have been more wrong.

And once again, it wasn't until I dug a little deeper that I discovered that the top performing athletes and businessmen I knew all coveted sleep. In fact, many of them would prioritize sleep over things that I never thought they would. That's how much value they put on good, deep sleep and 8 hours of it.

There were many nights that I would get 8 hours of sleep but still woke up feeling exhausted. It wasn't until a high level, top 1% individual told me about the 10-3-2-1 system (I've talked about this before). This system changed my sleep and changed my life. It lead to more energy, weight loss, muscle recovery, clearer thinking, more muscle mass, less fat, more innovation and ultimately more money in my bank account. If any of that seems good to you, you will read the next paragraph and follow it precisely. If not, you simply don't want it bad enough. 

The 10-3-2-1 method is guaranteed to help you get an amazing night of sleep over and over again if followed exactly. And the more nights in a row you follow it, the better it gets.

10 - Cease all caffeine intake 10 hours before bed time. And don't worry, you won't be needing your afternoon energy drink or coffee once you get on this plan. There will be no afternoon crash. Don't cheat either. If you do, you're only hurting yourself. 

3 - No food or alcohol 3 hours before bed. This is another tough one but highly important. If you want to google why eating and drinking right before bed is not ideal (or healthy) go right ahead. But trust me on this one; you don't want to do it. It messes up your sleep more than you can imagine. Finish eating 3 hours before going to sleep and watch what happens. 

2 - No work of any kind 2 hours before bed. That means no work emails, no work texts and no work related activities. Clear you mind and focus on anything but work. Believe it or not, this will actually make you more productive at work the next day on a level you won't believe. 

1 - No screens of any kind 1 hour before bed. This one is quite possibly the hardest one. It was the hardest for me and easily the hardest for anyone I've ever shared this system with. Set your alarm early. Turn off notifications. No TV. No iPad. Read a book, play a board game or cards or do a puzzle in that hour before bed. Or here's a new one... talk to your spouse or kids. I know; sounds crazy, right? However this one action alone will dramatically change the quality of your sleep. 

Every single person I've shared this with has reached out and said the EXACT same thing the following morning (this is also how I can tell who ACTUALLY did it). They say, "I didn't hit my snooze button this morning." When I hear that, I KNOW they truly followed the system and did what they were supposed to do. Otherwise, I know they're full of ish.

If you want to change your life, change your sleep. If you want to change your sleep, start 10 hours before you go to bed. You can thank me later.

Bank Account: Wealth Coordination Account

When I was broke and living paycheck to paycheck, I could never seem to increase my savings not matter what I did. Even when I got overtime check and eventually raises, the money coming out of my checking account somehow always seems to exceed the money going in. 

Then one day I read a book by a multi-millionaire that discussed something that would forever change my financial future. It was a simple concept that literally took me about 15 minutes to set up. However, this small change, utilizing a basic checking account, forever changed my life financially. Within a matter of 3 months I had more money saved in the bank than I had the previous 5 years. And it only got better from there. 

This strategy gave me the ability to buy my first rental property less than 2 years later and the rest is history. Yes, I went from broke to a landlord collecting rent checks on a cash flow positive rental property in less than 2 years (and I didn't have to buy a program off a 3am infomercial to do it either).

This is one of those things that is so simple that after you do it and see how well it works, you'll wanna kick your own butt for not doing it sooner. I was literally pissed at myself after seeing who well and how fast it worked. 

I'll go into how to set this up over on my private blog (Mind - Body -Bank Account) for our premium members. But for now, just know, getting off of the paycheck to paycheck hamster wheel is not impossible. And I'm living proof of it.


As we enter 2023, there will be two groups of people. 99% will say they seek change, will say they desire change, will say they are sick and tired of their current situation and will say they are going to do something about it. And then there's the 1% that actually take action. That's why last year Chevy/GMC sold roughly 2.5 million cars world wide while Ferrari sold 9,000 world wide.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Are ready to make 2023 your best year ever?

P.S. There's a hidden test in this email. Let's see if you pass it?

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