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Hands-free Tactical Duty Flashlight Has Police Officers & First Responders Everywhere "Seeing The Light!"

Hands-free Tactical Duty Flashlight Has Police Officers & First Responders Everywhere "Seeing The Light!"

What's the worst thing about carrying a flashlight while on patrol?
Well, besides the added weight and bulk on your duty belt or in your pocket, actually having to hold it in your hand when you deploy it is what really stinks. Why? Because the second you break out your flashlight, no matter the size, it's IN your hand. And once it's IN your hand, the hand in which it is held becomes essentially useless.


You can't use that hand to restrain someone. You can't use it to brace yourself or properly grab/climb onto something. And you surely can't use that hand to draw your weapon (yes...your light should never be in your gun hand, but things happen when your on the side of the road that may be beyond your control).

For paramedics and EMS workers, holding a light in your hand is many times not even an option. Some resort to holding a small pen-light in their mouth as they tend to their patients. Like many professionals, paramedics and EMTs need BOTH hands free while their working on a patient. 

Going back to police officers for a moment, what happens if you lose your light in a scuffle or foot pursuit. Do you carry a back-up on your belt or in the car. Let's be honest...having a back-up is planning for a failure. But what if failure is not an option? What if failure meant the difference between life and death?

The Exxtremity Light from 221B Tactical was designed by Veteran Police Officer Suresh Madhavan following his personal experiences while on the job. After losing his flashlight during a scuffle on the side of a NJ interstate and a foot pursuit and recognizing that he was not the only officer to experience this, he decided to do something about it.

Now, Police Officers, paramedics, EMTs, Fire Fighters and many other professionals enjoy the benefits, freedom and security of having BOTH hands free while doing their job. The hands free lighting of The Exxtremity Light has endless uses, utilities and possibilities...even for every-day civilians.


Once you try The Exxtremity Light, you may never go back to holding a flashlight in your hand ever again.



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