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The Best Patrol Bag You Can Have In Your Patrol Car - That Can Actually Help Save Your Life

The Best Patrol Bag You Can Have In Your Patrol Car - That Can Actually Help Save Your Life

There are a lot of things police officers carry with them in their patrol cars. However the piece of gear they undoubted access and utilize the most is their patrol bag.

Most people go to work to a physical building structure. And within that building they have an office. Within that office they have a desk with drawers and maybe even a few bookshelves and filing cabinets. A short distance from that office it typically a break room with a fridge, microwave, coffee maker and some other creature comforts. Police officers working the road have none of this!

That's Why You NEED Our Ultimate Patrol Bag!

For a period of 8, 10, 12 and in some cases 16 hours, a police officer's patrol car IS their office. And the patrol bag on the seat next to them typically acts as their desk drawers, filing cabinets, book shelves and lunch box all at the same time. For most police officers, the patrol car also acts as their break room and their cafeteria. So as one might imagine, a solid patrol bag is a fundamental piece of equipment for most any police officer. With all this in mind, it's not hard to realize that a police officer's patrol bag has to function as so much more than a "bag" that simply holds your stuff.

Most patrol bags on the market today essentially act as a large, fabric-covered box. There's very little organization, very little utility and even less functionality. What this ultimately results in is a bag that's a heavy, disorganized mess. That's why 13 year Police veteran Suresh Madhavan decided to develop a new kind of patrol bag for himself and his fellow officers. A bag that has "office like" organization. One that helps prevent clutter and the accumulation of junk. A bag that can be carried as a patrol bag, a backpack or a shoulder bag. One that has 15 separate storage compartments which accommodate all your patrol gear, cell phone, laptop and much more.

And one that even has hidden panels to hold body armor which can be deployed in the event of a vehicle ambush.

 Madhavan felt that the police patrol bag in your patrol car has to be so much more than just a "bag."

This is your rolling office and the patrol bag is your CEO desk. It needs to be as functional as it is useful and beautiful. If you take your job seriously, you more than likely take having the right gear seriously as well. Don't settle for a glorified purse on the passenger seat of your patrol car. Your patrol bag should be a piece of gear (kit) that has multiple functions...your life depends on it.

Click below to learn more about this innovative new Police Officer & First Responder patrol bag!


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