The secret behind the best new long underwear base layer pants that keep you warm and dry in the cold weather all winter long!

Who enjoys freezing in the cold weather? And when you work outside in the winter, being cold can not only make you miserable...it can make you lose focus. For many, losing focus while on the job could lead to injury or even death.

New York based 221B Tactical has taken on the battle against brutal cold weather conditions by launching a line of gear dedicated to keeping you warmer, more comfortable and safer while on the job.

Their Founder and CEO is a 13 year Law Enforcement Veteran who knows first hand how it feels to work out in the elements and the dangers of losing focus while doing so.

The all new Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Long Underwear offer the perfect blend of fit and comfort while worn beneath your uniform or work pants. They were designed with a comfort cut which is not compression tight but not loose. This makes for optimal heat retention and comfort while being worn. So much so that many report not even noticing they have them on.

The material used to construct these base layer pants is described by many as “the perfect thickness.” The material provides optimal warmth and moisture wicking while not overheating your legs (making them sweaty) or restricting movement.

Additionally, the material is strategically infused with Silver. This gives these pants anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties...critical for those working long hours on the job for days on end. Many have reported wearing these base layer pants for days on end without any need for laundering. That’s the Silver at work.

So if you’re looking to keep your legs warm and comfortable with an added layer beneath your uniform, work pants or jeans, the 221B Tactical

Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Long Underwear are sure to get the job done...so you can focus on your job and get home safe.


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