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The Shirt You're Wearing Under Your Body Armor Is Making You Itch and Stink

The Shirt You're Wearing Under Your Body Armor Is Making You Itch and Stink

If you wear body armor, at some point you've found yourself doing one or both of two things: Rubbing against an object like a cat, trying to scratch an itch and smelling yourself wondering if anyone else around you can smell that unmistakable body armor odor. It's ok... I've been there myself and feel your pain.

After spending 13 years on the job as a Police Officer, I can say with a high degree of confidence that one of the most annoying things about the job was having to wear body armor. Yes, over the course of my career, body armor got a bit (a very little bit) lighter. But to say it was ever "comfortable" would be an outright lie.

Later in my career I invented The Maxx-Dri Vest; a body armor comfort, cooling and ventilation vest which is worn directly beneath your body armor. This allows heat and moisture to escape while allowing cooler, fresh, ambient air to enter and flow beneath your body armor. At some point or another we've all pulled on the front of our vest to let heat escape and let cool air in. Well The Maxx-Dri Vest does just that, passively, around your entire body (chest, back, shoulders and sides) for your entire shift. Pure 360° airflow by creating just a little bit of separation between your body armor and your undershirt. And that brings us to my next point...

If you're still wearing compression shirts developed by athletic companies for football players beneath your body armor, you've surely experienced what I have. At the end of your shift your "moisture wicking" compression shirt was soaking wet, your skin beneath it was clammy, you were itchy and you stunk to high Heaven. After paying $40 for a shirt, I found myself thinking, "how is this possible right now?"

The problem is, those shirts were NOT developed for those who wear body armor. In fact, they were not developed for football or hockey players who wear pads. That's right! You see, the second you put anything over these moisture wicking compression shirts you immediately impede its ability to do its job. 

These shirts require unobstructed access to open, ambient air to optimally do their job. Once you cover them with football shoulder pad, hockey pads or, in my case, body armor, zero moisture gets wicked into the atmosphere. Instead, it gets wicked directly into your pads or body armor.

Utilizing my background in biochemistry and anatomy, I decided to develop a material that would wick moisture and keep you (and your skin) cooler, drier, less itchy and less stinky while being worn beneath body armor or sports pads. This material is like nothing you've ever worn before and provides a level of comfort which you've never experienced while playing sports or while on the job wearing body armor. 

Infused with Silver (Ag+) this base layer shirt can be worn for hours (even days) on end without ever stinking or making you itch. How? Because Silver (Ag+) naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria. And it's bacterium which is the root cause of odor and itching for those wearing hockey pads, football pads and, of course, body armor.

The unique micro-mesh material from which our shirt is constructed, coupled with our Maxx-Dri Vest for body armor cooling and ventilation, makes for a complimentary system that is guaranteed to keep you cooler, drier, fresher and more comfortable than ever before.

If you wear body armor on the job and are sick and tired of feeling miserable during and after your shift, take a minute to learn more about these life-changing products.

So what's this shirt called?
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