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Your summer diet, weight-loss and exercise program should NOT include cardio. Here's why...

Your summer diet, weight-loss and exercise program should NOT include cardio. Here's why...

Summer is right around the corner. And this means the baggy winter clothes will be put away and replaced with shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and sandals. This of course gives millions of us anxiety because maybe our diets weren't the best over the winter. And maybe we didn't get to the gym as much as we had liked to. Heck maybe we never made it to the gym at all. Well that means what you do over the next few weeks can really make or break your summer.

Some of us have vacations planned which surely involve a beach or a pool. This, of course, means having to don a bathing suit. This alone gives many anxiety just thinking about it. But it doesn't have to.

The Secret

For years people have asked me about my secret to staying lean and looking fit. Some even go as far as detailing their diet and exercise routines. And without fail, the ones that are successful at losing weight and shedding body fat are the ones who are NOT spending hours on the treadmill doing cardio.

By far, the most successful people I have helped over the last ten years have lost weight, burned fat and gained lean muscle by skipping the cardio and hitting the weights. Of course diet plays a crucial role here as well. In fact, diet is WAY more important than what you do in the gym.

But I don't want to get huge

So why weights over cardio? Why are there millions of Americans killing themselves on treadmills and stair masters every day and not seeing ANY results? The answer is simple...your body is smarter than you!

When you do cardio you are, for the most part, only burning calories DURING your workout. Upon completion, your body, in fact, goes into a sort of preservation state to prepare for the next long cardio session. To do this is essentially begins STORING energy. Makes sense, right?

When you lift weights you are breaking down muscle fibers. Upon completion of your workout your body immediately begins the REPAIR process. This repair process is on-going for hours...even days. That soreness you feel the next day and even the day after that are a result of the muscle fibers you broke down. And all the while your body is utilizing everything at its disposal to repair itself. That's why they say those who lift burn fat even as they sleep. This is factually correct.

The choice is yours...choose wisely

So if given a choice, would you rather exercise for 30-45 minutes and only burn calories for that time? Or, would you rather exercise for 30-45 minutes and burn fat and calories for the next 24-48 hours?

Millions of FEEL like they are working harder and getting a better workout when they are huffing and puffing and sweating on a treadmill. But SCIENCE proves that lifting weights for the same amount of time while maintaining a moderate heart rate burns exponentially more fat in the long run. 

The choice is yours: Do what "feels" like it works OR do what "actually" works! Summer is almost here. Will you do what's proven to work and have a great summer. Or will you do what you "think" will work and look back at the end of summer wondering what went wrong?

Share your thoughts and personal experiences to help others in our community learn. Thanks.


Suresh Madhavan is a 13 year Law Enforcement Veteran and has been a fitness and nutrition mentor for over a decade. Originally studying bio-chemistry and medicine, Madhavan ultimately decided to forego medicine and pursue a career in law enforcement. In 2013 he invented a product called The Maxx-Dri Vest to help fellow Police Officers with the pain and suffering associated with the excessive sweat caused by wearing body armor on the job. Today he holds the role of Founder and CEO of 221B Tactical, a global corporation which provides body armor ventilation and a wide array of products for safety and comfort to Police Officers and Military Operators across the U.S. and over 30 different countries around the world.
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Dustin Rojka - June 3, 2018

So in your opinion how much cardio should I do? 10 minutes at the start or end of my workout? Or should I forget cardio all together?

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