221B Brand Ambassador Program

Are you a Police Officer // First Responder // Fire Fighter // Tactical Gear Lover who would like to share and offer innovative 221B Tactical Products to your professional and social networks? 

Here is your opportunity!  Nothing heavy or difficult.  We have different options to do this. And if you’re really ambitious and want to put some MONEY in your pocket to build a side business to help pay off debt, bills, allow yourself to take a vacation, or save for retirement, we have an option for that too.

Our Brand Ambassador Program supports a community of driven officers, first responders, military, veterans, and inspirational people who harness their passion to elevate their communities and those protecting & serving those communities.

If interested please contact us at - sales@221btactical.com


- 221B Brand Ambassadors -

Ryan M.
Instagram @rsmash42

"I was born and raised in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas, where I continue to work as a Police Officer. I’ve worked for my department for 9 years and have done time in our Gang Unit and Crime Response Team. My current rank & role for my department is a Senior Corporal/FTO in Patrol. I’m also a Dive Master for our Underwater Recovery Team. We recover everything from guns, cars and bodies or anything that might have been involved in a crime. 

My passion outside of work is my family and being out on the baseball/softball field. I compete in the 
policesoftball.com league where I play against Police/Correction Officers all over the U.S. I also have 2 Malinois that I work with at home that keep my hands busy and active.

What I love about 221B Tactical is their passion and devotion to First Responders and Military. As well as their commitment to have durable and innovative gear to ensure the job done right and to get home safe."

Emma Wade
Instagram @Emma_FLF

"I am from a small town in Montana. I currently work in my local hospital's emergency department with plans to become a law enforcement officer in the near future. I am also looking at opening a small business in fitness and nutrition coaching. When I am not at work, I can be found spending time with my horses, hiking, working out at the gym and staying as active as possible. 
I love 221B Tactical because they create high quality products. I can count on their Guardian Gloves to protect my hands at the gun range, doing barn chores and everything in between. 221B helps me get a grip on life!"

Matthew McClellan
Instagram @MLM_513

"My name is Matthew McClellan, I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio and I work as a Police Officer at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Intl Airport, where I’ve been since 2014. I’m a Field Training Officer, Taser Instructor, and on the Department’s Recruitment Team.

I’m passionate about my faith, fitness, family, and guns! I love the reliability, durability, quality and feel of 221B products! I honestly wish I knew about them sooner, as I was so tired of using products that didn't live up to the expectations and trials that were thrown at it! Now it’s 221B or nothing ! I’m proud to be an ambassador for both Kentucky AND Ohio!"

Celyne Stoudmann 
Instagram @cstoudmann

"My name is Celyne and currently I live in South Texas. I enjoy spending “recoil therapy” time at the range and I’m very involved in sports. I feel incredibly blessed to be a 221B Tactical Ambassador as I love their products. It all started with a pair of Exxtremity Patrol Gloves that I won during a live social media event. To this day, they are still my favorite gloves. My second favorite product is the Maxx-Dri Vest, hands down! It was a life saver during the extreme summer heat. "

RaShaun Rich
Instaram @rahshan_rico

"God, my wife, video games.

I like that 221b Tactical was created by someone who was on the job and knows what we need."



Marshall T. Benjamin

"My name is Marshall T. Benjamin, Sr. My career in law enforcement begin back in 2010 working inside a prison in Georgia.  After working there for about one year I left and went to work at Macon, GA Police Department as a police new recruit. Then I worked at Peach County Sheriffs Department as a deputy detention officer before returning back to working in the prison for a few years as a correctional officer.  I then joined our tactical squad where we carried-out handling many assignments for all of the prisons in Georgia wherever there was a disturbance from gang violence, assaults on staff, prison riots, prison takeovers, inmate escapes, etc.

From there I moved to Columbia, South Carolina and begin working at S.C.D.C.  I was sent to Kirkland Correctional Institution as a correctional officer and first responder again responding to inmate disturbances inside the facility.  Then I was assigned to working death row with the inmates that were either sentenced to life in prison or awaiting execution.

After working there for one year I went to work for Richland Country Sheriffs Department.  My assignment was Judicial Security and Statewide Transport.

I love the 221B Tactical products!  My first purchases were the tactical resistant gloves and Maxx-Dri Vest 3.0. I enjoy my vest especially on cold days during the winter.  It makes wearing my ballistic vest comfortable and it took away a lot of sweat from my body and also my tee shirt. It was easy at the end of my shift getting undressed without having to struggle to get my tee shirt off.  It’s easy to keep clean and ready to wear again.

My gloves are very protective for my hands during car searches.  I don't have to worry about being cut by a knife or being stuck by a needle. 

I would recommend any law enforcement officer or agency to really consider 221B Tactical to be the product of choice when it comes to safety while working the streets of any major city, big or small.  The threats are everywhere and our lives are put on the line every single day we put that uniform on."