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Testimonials - What Our Customers Are Saying About 221B Tactical

"Excellent Products & Services - I recently purchased the needle level 5 cut-resistant "Hero Gloves" from 221b Tactical, and found these items to be an excellent product and a "must-have" for all police officers. I initially purchased the incorrect size and the customer service team at 221b Tactical were Excellent in assisting me with getting a quick exchange. The products and staff at 221b Tactical are great and I will definitely be using them in the future for similar purchases!"
- James A.


"Phantom Plate Carrier - Was very sceptical of the product for price and durability but it is for sure worth every penny, extremly well made and a lot faster to equip than my old velcro style. Also like that the plates insert from the top and that it’s lightweight. Would recommend to anyone looking for a plate carrier to keep in your patrol car"
- Michael P.


"Hey guys =) I found this maxx-dri vest while looking and searching on the internet on a solution to be more comfortable with body armor whily on duty, This vest is a huge addition and improves comfort very well. I received it three days ago by postal service and I´m wearing it since on duty. The vest is easy to attach to the body armour with the straps and disappears below the uniform shirt, no bulky look, no scratching just a dry and comfortable feeling all day long. Even after foot pursuits or exhausting activities it helps to dry you up fast, no longer all shift long wet shirts and the bad body armour smell despite using a fresh shirt every shift. This vest a very nice addition and it comes at a realy good price, the customer service is very good. I was a little worried about the long distance shipping and the tight size, but the help was perfect and I´m very happy with my vest. It would be a huge addition if it would be well known in Europe or especially Germany, I´m looking forward to see your products at my favourite store for police quipment ;-) Best regards and recommendations from Germany"
- Hendrik 


"Great!!! I recently had back surgery, driving long distances and setting for long periods of time in my patrol vehicle is very uncomfortable. Since using the Solace "Select" Non-Slip Orthopedic Seat Cushion I have had no issues with my back. The cushion raises your legs while driving and takes the normal pressure off your lower back while driving and setting in your patrol vehicle. I have purchased 2 Solace "Select" Non-Slip Orthopedic Seat Cushion and now have them in my patrol and personal vehicles."
- Brett W.


"I am completely satisfied with this product. Bought it for my husband. He bought the whole bundle including stage 1, 2 and all together he has used it to go outside with a very light sweater in 20 degrees weather and not only was he warm he was actually BURNING UP. Sometimes, he only wears stage 3 cuz it is very warm. I hope for them to make them in white. Make the quality stay the same but have the product available in white."
- Carrie B.


"Not sure I would wear this by itself in 20 degree weather but I layer it now and it’s 10 degrees out and my torso is warm. I put a skin tight thermal on then the equinnox then my uniform then my commando sweater with and outer vest. Toasty in 10 degree and no jacket. I’m 6-01 235lbs. I wear a L in under armor cold gear and got an L in the equinnox and it’s not skin tight but makes it easy to layer on the bad nights. Have four of them and wear them every night it’s 30 or below."
- Wayne K. 


"Way better than Under Armor - I've been wearing these under my vest with the dry max and its like night and day in terms of temperature regulation."
- Paul T. 


"So...I was on a motor working in So Cal. Weather was about 40 degrees F and I was wearing these bottoms..very comfy and warm. I would recommend them to anyone needing Long John on patrol."
- Henry R.


"Real Deal - LEO from Kentucky, beyond impressed with this product. If you're reading this and contemplating on whether or not to buy it, my advice is it is worth the money and buy 2 if you can afford it. I was honestly very skeptical at first, but after a few weeks of wearing the Equinox thermal Stage 3 I have yet to put a jacket on in 20 degree weather, and I was always the first to have a jacket on but hated to wear a jacket on duty for obvious reasons. I did buy the Maxx Dri vest in conjunction with the thermal, also a great product! Very happy with my purchase, will buy more."
- DJ Newtown


"I love mine! Don't know which is better, my maxx dri vest or my compression socks! I do know the stuff you guys make is phenomenal!" 
- Keet Deroche 

"If you don't have one - get one! I am at the end of my vest's duty cycle and I have had to launder the carrier so many times that is almost falling apart. Since I have had the MaxxDri vest I haven't had to wash my carrier one time." 
- Todd Roberts

"I have had mine now for a couple weeks in this 97 degree and 90 % humidity Georgia heat and I can't believe that this vest works so well. No more peeling off my vest and undershirt. Wow dry unbelievable." 
- Jeremy Smith

"Got mine last week. The difference is amazing. Quality product that preforms exactly as advertised. Haven't been sticky or feel overheated. Recommend this highly." 
- Kevin Cooper 

"I received my Maxx Dri 2.0 on the mail on Monday. After wearing it for two days, I can say it was worth the money. All the reviews are true about this product."
- Vernon Sprouse

"These guys are great. Awesome customer service. I had an issue with the vest I purchased. Responded to my email quickly and shipped replacement next day."
- Justin Williamson

"I have tried on the Maxx dri with my body armor... I'm a big guy. But this feels awesome. The shipping was fast and the customer service is great. I will buy here again. Thank you guys one Leo to another. Stay safe and be vigilant."
- Vernon T. 

"Thought I would throw you a quick product plug in. Been wearing the Maxx- Dri vest for about a year down here in Georgia. Any officers reading this- buy the Maxx- Dri vest, it's worth every penny."
- Eric Penn Hitter

"I'm using my maxx-dry for the 2nd summer now. And it's been hot here in south Mississippi. Love em.
- Curtis Sherman

 "I bought my 2.0 last July.  Best $ I have ever spent! Undershirt is drier, carrier doesn't smell when I take off my vest. I was on mountain bike patrol for the 4th fireworks. It was a 1.25mi route, one way. I worked 1600-2330 and the 2.0 made the TN day bearable!"
- Stevenson Pangkey

 "Wanted yall to know the vest is outstanding! Loved it so much my partner got one and now our sheriff ordered all of us one !! They shipped today. Thanks for a great product!"
 - Tim Preator

"First day of use in 85 degree weather... I'm surprised how dry I am! Definitely worth the money! I'm use to pulling off a soaked under armor shirt and wet vest end of the day. Neither is wet now...."
- Ryan Rankine

 "I can't believe it took me this long to buy this... it's a damn godsend. Buy it 1 size smaller than your undershirt size. No more slimy sweat or built up heat under the vest. Just wore it for 3 tours in a car and on motorcycle patrol in 87 degree humid heat - sure, you sweat, but it doesn't feel like you're waterlogged. My undershirt wasn't soaked at end of tour, it was dry. I'm amazed and I can't recommend it enough."
- Dominick Gatto

 "My husband is a police officer and he works four 12 ½ hour shifts right now since their department is so short on staff. The heat here in Southern California has been incredible these past few weeks, and we are also experiencing high levels of humidity, which we are not used to. Last week, my husband came home from his first shift of the week with a terrible heat rash from his vest. I felt terrible and smothered him in Benadryl ointment after he got out of the shower. He started to look around for something to better protect his skin. At first he was looking at different undershirts, but then he came across these. He showed me this comfort vest, and at first, I was shocked at how expensive something like this was; however, he said that one of his partners had one and that he liked it a lot. My husband placed the order for this and it was shipped to us quickly. This is actually a really neat idea. The mesh creates a space between the point of contact on your skin/undershirt and your vest so that there is a breathable space and your vest does not have full contact with your skin/body. The mesh is woven very well and this is fantastic quality. My husband has tried this out and he said that this does keep him cooler in the sense that he is not sweating as much. He ordered this one size smaller than his undershirt, as recommended by most reviewers, and we completely agree with this. My husband said that this stayed in place all day and it did not fold or bend on him. He said that his vest actually feels more comfortable now that he has this on under. I think that this is a great investment for any LEO and I only wish that we got him one sooner."
- Ashlie Walton

"It's been in the high 90°s here in Georgia and this vest makes a big difference. I still sweat, but the space between my t shirt and vest allows me to dry out quickly. I am working 12 hour shifts. I have the 2.0 and recommend it."
- Todd Free

 "At first I thought they were a but expensive. Now that I have had one for a while, I wish I bought one sooner. It is worth the investment when you wear a vest 40+ hours a week. It keeps me cooler and helps deter that vest odor (you all know what I mean)."
- Conor Cooley  

"I forgot mine a couple days ago and kicked myself the entire shift. Even considered taking my vest off for a moment. Truthfully the only reason I kept it on was because of what is going on with Dallas. I hope you guys know just how important these vests can be."
- Jason Hasserman 

"Coming from the south, working 10.4 hour days. It's hot and humid and it's even worse wearing concealed armor. I've tried tons of things as I have suffered from the skin rashes to the point where skin has literally fallen off my body leading to an uncomfortable couple of rotations after. I wear the 2.0 at work everyday, it does what it says it does. It definitely helps with the comfort level throughout the day."
- Patrick Ly

"I ordered my vest and wore it for the first time on shift today. I have to say I'm very pleased with the results I got. To be honest at first I was skeptical about it ability to perform well in the Texas Heat. But I got off shift today after spending 12 hours in low-to-mid 90-degree East Texas Heat and my undershirt was almost completely dry. What stood out the most to me was that while I'm patrolling the city streets I tend to have my windows down and when I get up to a certain speed my uniform sleeve access event allowing air to come through the mesh ultimately providing some comfort. I believe this may be the best equipment investment I have made since I've been out on patrol. Keep up the good work guys."
- Officer Ethan Straley #111


"I've said it once and I'll say it again. The Maxx-Dri vest is the only reason I wear my body armor. My armor would get to the point that IT would kill me before a robber. The Maxx-Dri vest made it easier and more comfortable to wear."
- Jason Hasseman


"I just got mine Wed. Wearing an outer carrier with it. I gotta say, it's a great product."
- Erik Johanson


"Wore my Maxx-dri vest for the Heritage of Pride Parade on Sunday and after 18hrs, my tshirt was dry and not stinky one bit.  Got a few inquiries on it and I sent them your way. GREAT JOB!"
- Rob Steve


"I found that wearing my Maxx-Dri-Vest makes me noticeably more comfortable.  I stay cooler, drier, and my vest doesn't cut into my sides when I work doubles.  Not only that, but my vest doesn't get as funky.  I definitely recommend."
- Virginia S.


"I received my vest yesterday before night shift started and decided to go ahead and try it out and I have to say I don't know how I did without it!!! Awesome product, just as advertised!! I am really looking forward to buying more of your products."
- Alex Ortiz


"Been wearing it every shift as a medic since the first of the year, love it and have noticed a huge improvement in the way I feel, smell, and skin condition. Highly recommended."
- Kane Edwards


"People always ask me if and how it works. I tell them basically it helps you sweat less because of the increased air flow and keeps sweat off your vest. The Maxx-Dri absorbs the sweat instead of the vest and it is made of a quick drying material so when you go back to your air conditioned car or base, you dry out and feel more comfortable."
- Jeremiah Hass


"My husband has one and loves it. He wears it all summer and it really helps keep him cooler and from getting the heat rash most cops get from their vests. We live in SC and it gets very hot."
- Alma LaRue


"I love mine. I work hospital security so not a lot of airflow inside but when i get out in the squad that breeze with the down is amazing."
- Derek Dovolos


"Bought one last week, been wearing it ever since between my work shirt and my external carrier.... Normally I'm soaked through after wearing it for 2 hours.... I wore it from 0800 to 1630 and dry dry dry incredible !!!"
- Vinnie CJ


"101* today in the sun for most all of 8 hours doing Motor training and recerts on the pad, never really felt hot! I'm convinced after today. A great investment."
- Darren Redburn


"My LEO just bought his second one and loves it even more than the first. What a difference it has made. He used to have to change tshirts several times a night during the warmer months but not anymore!"
- Jill Mock Joubert


"So far thing is awesome.  I also find it better to put under my uniform and over my under shirt.  I wear a outer carrier.  It was hotter than the gates of hell and so far no sweaty uniform shirt like I used to have!  Works great.  Heat gear under armour shirt, the carrier, then a uniform shirt and outer carrier..not a drop of sweat."
- Mike Taylor


"Great investment! I have had mine for over a year. Texas heat is a true test!"
- Gene Lambright


"I am sure glad to have found your Maxx-Dri vest! I use the 2.0, which is the best product that I've found to help keep me dry. Keep up the great work!"
- Chris Howe, North Mankato, MN

 "I've been a patrol officer for 12 years, there are several other products out there similar to this, BUT, after researching them all this is by far the best. The others are don't have the same area of coverage.  As for the sweat comment, I still sweat just as much, what's important is the air draft you get from the maxx dry that cold you down. It almost acts as a cushion between u and the vest that allows for a more comfortable fit of your ballistic vest. HUGE supporter of this product!"
- Bruce Lee

221btactical: "My name is Jeff Bartsch a 33 year old Canadian police constable working for the Weyburn Police Service in Saskatchewan Canada and avid endurance athlete who runs marathons in full gear for mental health charities. I wanted to write to your company just to thank you for your maxx dri vest that I utilized during my full 26.2mi full marathon in police uniform (with an external carrier) this past Sunday at the 38th Saskatchewan Marathon in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on May 29, 2016. 

I was introduced to the maxx dri vest by Officer Deutsch of Wisconsin USA, who is also a endurance sponsored athlete by 221btactical, who races in full police uniform.

The maxx dri vest worked as advertised, and was noticeably a game changer in the marathon. I work at a small police dept and everyone asks me about it. I now have an entire dept wanting maxx dri vests as a number of officers complain of excessive sweat under our external vests. 

I will never race or work again without the 221btactical maxx dri vest! It really works!!! This is the best purchase I have ever made! I still sweat like longer get the skin irritations from the concealed vest. This will keep your skin breathing and as comfortable as possible for what we have to wear for 12 hours."
- Michael Seemann


"Hubby uses his for both inner and outer carriers.  He never goes without it. Worth every penny."
- Christine S. Filippo


"I been using it under my outer carrier and under my concealed carrier.  It works great.  My under shirts are much dryer."
- Donfrea Woolfork


"Package came in today (fast FREE shipping), and the Guardian gloves went into use right away. The Vanquish 1st Responder knife is diesel! It is bit of hefty knife with a little weight behind it. Makes my SOG look like a toy. It opens very smooth, quick and easy, with a very solid blade. The seat belt cutter seems to be made better than the SOG and the glass punch is a huge plus without interfering with the knife. A+++ Keep up the good work 221B Tactical!"
- Jason St. Onge


"I'm a motor officer in north ms and I have had mine for 2 years now. I used to suffer from severe heat rashes. Since using this vest, I no longer have that problem and will not start shift without it. I absolutely recommend this to any officer. It really works!"
- Andrew Artz


"Team Tactical,

This weekend we attended the 2016 NRA Convention in Louisville, KY.  My mission was to find a tactical backpack to use this summer. Something that would hold up to my busy lifestyle and do what I needed it to do. Low and behold I ran into the 221B Tactical booth. Wow, great people and truly informative. I bought the last one at the show and I’m Stoked. Super excited and carried it all day with no issues. Well made, Well designed and the carry straps are Awesome! GREAT JOB!"

- Mark Clemens


"My husband has this and swears by it. Just bought another one on Sunday at tent city. Worth every penny! And btw, the t-shirts are awesome! Thank you!"
- Jill Mock Joubert


"I've worn mine for a week in this South Texas heat, one of my best investment for work so far! Great job 221b Tactical!! I recommended it to everyone in my briefing at work and I won't stop bragging about it."
- Fernando Olivarez


"I have been on the job for over 20 yrs and have always worn my vest regardless of temp including Road Jobs.  Even though I've tolerated the sweat I saw this down at Police Week in DC in the vendor area and bought it.  It's one of the best investments I've bought over the years - totally recommend it."
- Eric Hallstrom


"I have it and I love it!! I keep it even during winter.  In Quebec, our weather goes from -30 in winter to +30 in the summer with humidity.  It keeps a cool breeze inside the vest, but I prefer putting it over my shirt and then my bulletproof vest over it than under my shirt."
- Dominic Fortin


"Was skeptical after 28 years of my vest causing a very uncomfortable feeling by the end of the day.  I had to give this a try at first.  Tried it for a week and guess what?  No sticky tee shirt at the end of my shift....SOLD!!!!"
- David Gross


"I got mine and wore it for the first time with my long sleeve Class A's today.  Didn't even sweat.  Awesome product.  I may pitch it to my department. Thanks for the 2.0"
- David Renna


"If you get one and wear it, you'll never work without one.  I swear it."
- James Miller


"To all my LE brothers and sisters. We all know what it's like to wear the vest. Hot, sticky and altogether uncomfortable. You can wear all the moisture wicking base layers u want but the vest still traps it in and u end up a soggy mess at the end of ur shift. I picked up the maxx dri 2.0 vest and it is absolutely amazing. It is the first time in 13 years of wearing a vest I actually felt comfortable. It allows ur base layer to breath and creates a cooling affect as the moisture evaporates from ur base layer. First time EVER that I've taken my vest off at the end of a shift and the vest and base layer were completely dri! Also, due to the spring like material used, it eliminates all the pressure points. You can wear your vest tighter (as ur supposed to) and it's still breaths. I highly recommend this product and 221B's customer service is awesome!!!
- Brian Ferreri


"Been wearing one in Australia for last 4 months. Definite improvement on wearing body armour. Love it. But have been recommending this vest since day one.... Will continue to do so as I'm that impressed. Keep it up please!!"
- Bang Bang L'Page - from Australia


"Just got mine yesterday! I have to say that it fits great and made my vest a lot more comfortable!! Definitely would recommend to coworkers!"
- Cody Hammes


"We absolutely LOVE every single one of your products that we've tried so far and we cannot wait to try these new shirts!!!! You guys always have top quality job changing products and the BEST custumer service!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to get this before it's available!!!"
- Blair Haefner


"Love my Maxx dry vest.  As a gift, the person ordered the wrong size, told me, I corrected them and they called and the order was modified with no problem. The product itself is well worth it and I recommend to anybody wearing armor."
- Tone Dubes


"I've got the Max Dri Vest and I love it! No more heat rash from my body armor!"
- Grant Kevink


"It is my 3rd day wearing my new vest.  I love it.  Night and Day difference.  Guys have heard of the vest, but never knew if it really worked.  I normally get heat rash and itchy skin after I take my vest off.  We had a high of 87 yesterday and wearing Maxx-Dri I had no issues.  By the summer time I'll be ordering another so I can rotate them through the wash."
- Josh Byrd


"I wore mine for 12 hours last night. No sweat. For giggles, I set the heat to high on the way home while wearing a jacket. No sweat. That weird feeling that usually comes with vest removal (like peeling off tape) is gone. I'm glad I finally bought this product."
- Todd Roberts


"As it's getting hot here in Blythe, CA, I'm staying cooler than everyone else and referring all my partners to your website! Thanks!"
- Sterling O'Toole


"I just received mine and wore it for the first time this evening. Comfortable, kept me from sweating.  A solid product."
- Stephen Goodwin

"I truly enjoy the maxx dri vest and wish that more people knew about it. I've shown everyone on my department and other police friends. A couple have ordered themselves. It's such a great feeling to be driving down the road on a hot day and to be able to feel the cool breeze on your back of all places!"
- Zak Johnson


"Bought and started wearing mine last week. I work road patrol in Florida. Yesterday it was 99 degrees out when I went on duty. 10 hours later I took my vest and tee shirt off to show another deputy the results. My tee shirt is usually quite literally soaked, especially the back. This time, just a slight bit of overall dampness to the touch, and visually it appeared dry. HUGE improvement !! Bottom works!"
- Bill Weaver 


"I use mine daily at work. You don't get the soaked undershirt feeling like you normally do. It let's the vest breathe and is a difference you can feel.  Worth checking out!"
-Travis Dixon


"I have had mine for a week. The first night I wore it was the first time in 14 years that I didn't have a wet tee shirt at the end of my shift. The second night I worked a double and felt great even after changing a flat tire. Best investment I have made yet."
- Vincent John


"I've had mine for about a week and I noticed a big difference in the amount of heat under my vest right away. VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!"
- Matthew Justin


"Maxx dri is an awesome product. I was hesitant when I first wore it but I was amazed on how well it works."
- Chris Elias


"I've been using one for a month in west Texas. Best thing for cops since hollow points.
- Craig Goodson


"I ordered mine on a Saturday and received Wednesday afternoon. That's east to west coast shipping. I have now work it 3 days. I work for the California dept of Corrections. We wear a stab proof vest. I must say I am still getting acclimated to the maxx-Dri, but I do feel I am a heck of a lot cooler. So far great product."  
- Pete Paluck


"This thing is legit. Money well spent."
- Craig Allen B


"Worth the money. It really works."
- Harry Mota


"I got one about 6 months ago and now I can't work without it. Not only does it keep you cooler, but it also makes your vest more comfortable to wear. I have back problems and some how it helped alleviate some of the stress on my lower back. It's also very easy to keep clean. A+ product."
- Craig Whitman


"I was hesitant, but I wore mine for a shift and the difference was phenomenal. (No, 221B didn't pay me). But the value of comfort during a long shift far outweighed the cost for me at least."
- Dave Therio


"I have been using this in southeast Georgia and I'm here to tell you it makes a big difference. The body armor sits more comfortably around my torso and the Maxx-Dri DOES allow air to circulate. I'm not going to say I don't sweat. At 100 degree plus temps it's impossible not to. But, this vest really works. I am going to order more as my budget allows. I would like to have one for each day of work."
- Eric F. Naugle Sr.