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Caliber Armor AV2 Level RF2 Body Armor

Original price $ 199.95 - Original price $ 239.99
Original price
$ 199.95
$ 199.95 - $ 239.99
Current price $ 199.95
Size: 10X12 Shooters Cut

* Product will ship directly from the manufacturer

* Armor plates are custom-made and can not be returned or cancelled


  • Caliber Armor AV2 Steel Alloy Body Armor Panel available in 10×12 (Shooters and SAPI Style Cut) and 11×14 Shooters Cut
  • Sold in singles
  • Ergonomic Multi-Curve design at no extra cost
  • Advanced PolyShield Anti-Spall Coating
  • Rated and tested to NIJ STD-0101.06 Level III , NIJ STD-0101.07 RF2 Draft, and special threats
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A

Verified Carrier Fitment:

  • 221B Tactical QRF Low Visibility Minimalist Plate Carrier
  • Condor MOPC (will fit our 10×12 and 11×14 plate)
  • Condor Sentry Plate Carrier (10×12 only)
  • Agilite K19
  • 5.11 Tactec Plate Carrier
  • Chase Tactical MEAC

AV2 Body Armor Tech Sheet


Introducing the Caliber Armor AV2 Ballistic Insert. We keep going above and beyond to bring you body armor of a higher caliber

This can be seen with our bend process, our fragmentation coating and our finishing details. We are proud to be the first company to bring an advanced steel body armor plate with a true multi-curve achieved with one press. Now we have a new and improved rifle plate that can achieve the coveted NIJ-RF2 stopping power rating.

For years, the industry has been anticipating the new NIJ 0101.07 standard that finally attempts to bridge the gap between 0101.06 Level 3 and Level 4. In the current standard level 3 rating the test is six shots of 7.62 x 51mm M80 FMJ at 2,780 ft/s. From there the next level is 4, which is 30-06 M2 AP at 2880 ft/s. What about everything in-between? The body armor industry has largely adopted the term Level 3+ or Level 3++, which is up to the manufacturers interpretation but generally means that it will stop higher velocity 5.56mm rounds and AK 7.62 x 39 steel core projectiles.

The AV2 body armor plate comes standard with advanced PolyShield Anti-Spall coating. With a competitive price point, only half inch thin and weighing in at just 7.2 lbs, the AV2 armor plate is a superior option for your bulletproof vest that will last a lifetime. No more replacing your team’s armor set ups every five years or spending extra funds on x-ray requirements during turnover. The AV2 plate will stop everything that you throw at it. See full multi hit body armor product specs HERE.

Our aggressive Shooters Cut body armor plates shaves off weight while still providing enough coverage to protect your vital organs. Use our CaliberX™ Soft Armor Backers for even more protection and comfort.

We have tried several different thicknesses, varied materials, and heat-treating processes to evaluate if we can make an alloy product that can achieve this speed so that we can certify to the new spec. After three years of testing, we have found our solution, Caliber Armor AV2. Our objectives were to exceed the ballistic requirements of the draft RF1 and RF2 and to reduce weight. We have pushed the speed on all the requirements. We have also tested other special threats like the M855 A1, and 7.62 x 54mm R. We shaved off a pound from our AR550 and kept the thinness that creates an extremely ergonomic option for our customers.


Weights for AV2 Plate with PolyShield Spall Protection:

10 x 12 – Shooters Cut Plate: 7.2 lbs

10 x 12 -SAPI Cut Plate

11 x 14 – Shooters Cut Plate


Hard Armor Fit Guide


Tested and verified to meet or exceed ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ Standard- 0101.06 Level III, NIJ Draft Standard- 0101.07 RF2 and also tested to with special threats M855-A1 and 7.62 x 54mm R


Thickness dimensions are +-1/8 in. Width and length dimensions are +0.00 to 0.25 in. All weights are +- 5%.

Due to recent legislation, all types of gunfire-protective armor can no longer be shipped within NY. Sales are only allowed in person to eligible professions (Ex: Police Officers, Security Guards, Firefighters, etc.). Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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