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Free Domestic (U.S.A) Shipping on orders over $100
Free Domestic (U.S.A) Shipping on orders over $100

LEO Riggs Shield

$ 350.00
Color: Black

Riggs Shield™ - For reduced use-of-force and improved officer safety.

Patented and made in the USA, the Riggs Shield is an NIJ Shot Level IIIa and Stab Level III ballistic shield that mounts to the inside door panel of a car with the door option ($299), or slides into the gap between the console and passenger seat ($269), giving instant access to the shield to protect the head and neck inside the car where you are vulnerable.

It deploys instantly inside the car and can be taken outside the car to defend against gun shots, punches, stabs, clubs, stun guns, Tasers and projectiles. It gives officers the time needed to protect themselves and deploy the most appropriate use-of-force.

The Riggs Shield acts as a defensive equalizer in confined spaces where corrections officers are usually unarmed. The shield is light weight and compact and is very effective in the confined spaces of a corrections environment.


  • Size:16.5” wide x 8.5" tall x 3.5” deep without door mount (4" deep with door mount)
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Ballistics: NIJ Shot Level IIIa and Stab Level III
  • Clear Identification: Free text imprint with POLICE or SHERIFF.
  • Colors:  Black, Green, Brown
  • Imprint: White, black, or yellow text.
  • Optional full color department badge imprint ($20).
  • Light rail: Picatinny equipment rail for optional light.
  • Mount: Door mount can be mounted temporarily with industrial Velcro or mounted permanently with screws.
  • Unlike body armor that has a limited shelf life and should be replaced after 5 years, this shield is made from composite safe room materials that stand up to hurricanes and terrorist attacks and lasts for decades.


  • A low-cost, non-lethal tool.
  • Deploys in seconds.
  • Increases reaction time.
  • Reduces use-of-force.
  • Improves officer and suspect safety.
  • De-escalates incidents quickly.
  • Protects against head and neck wounds in confined spaces where armored doors and vests fall short.  
  • Handling shield is instinctive - no training required.
  • For optimal benefits, a contact-free written training program.
  • Identifies officer as POLICE or SHERIFF.
  • The Riggs Shield can save your life. 

Get the most out of your Riggs Shield. Download the free training program designed by a former law enforcement officer with patrol and corrections experience, who is also a 5th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts trainer.

Order Notes:

Due to the highly customizable features, please call 221B Tactical to place your order.

Additional Options:

  • D-Ring Belt Loop installed on shield +$10
  • Free Imprint: Sheriff, Police - White Black or Yellow
    • Your Text +$20
  • Customized imprint +$20
  • Left or Right Door version

Please have the make and model of your vehicle available when you call to order - the mount will be adjusted for you.



$299 for Riggs Shield with door mount

$269 for the Riggs Shield without the car door mount. Store it in the slot between the console and passenger seat.  Includes written training program.

$25 Fedex Ground shipping for either shield in lower 48 states USA. Adult signature required for delivery. International shipping quotes on request. 

Discounts available for higher volume LE orders. Contact us for tax exempt purchases