221B Tactical's Maxx-Dri Vest is helping Police Officers and First Responders around the world!! But don't take our word for it....


The Maxx-Dri Ultra Comfort Vest is now being used by over 12,000 police officers, first responders and military operatives across the country and around the world. Featured by Policeone.com only 18 months ago, the Maxx-Dri UCV is now being credited with "changing the way officers feel about wearing body armor." 

But how did this small company, started out of the garage of a full-time police officer, get worldwide praise and recognition in less than 2 years?

One officer quite simply said, "they made a product that makes me actually NOT DREAD putting on my vest (body armor) at the start of my shift." Lots of companies have expensive, fancy marketing claiming how great their products are. But 221B Tactical thought it would be really and truly authentic to let their thousands of customers across the U.S. and around the world speak for them. 

They recently released the above video which is a compilation of a small handful of the thousands of emails, letters, photos and online reviews amassed just over the last year.

Suresh Madhavan, Founder of 221B Tactical and a full-time police officer in NJ stated ...

...... "I've been taking care of the public for 13 years. And now I am also able to take care of my fellow police officers and first responders. There is a bond among us officers in blue that is stronger than most people can ever imagine. We literally put our lives on the line every day to help absolute strangers. And we watch each others' backs while on duty. So to be able to help officers around the world be more comfortable and subsequently more focused and safer while on the job is absolutely awesome!!! I feel so blessed to be able to do this and the emails, letters and photos we receive here at 221B Tactical everyday make us smile.... they never get old! We just love it!!!"

When you watch 221B Tactical's video above you'll see just how amazing this product is, and even more so, just how much it is truly changing the lives of police officers, first responders and anyone who wears body armor while on the job. 

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  • Suresh Madhavan
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