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221B Tactical Unveils Active Shooter Armor Plate Carrier Kit For Police Officers and First Responders

221B Tactical Unveils Active Shooter Armor Plate Carrier Kit For Police Officers and First Responders


You're on patrol and you get the call: "Shots fired. Active shooter."

You stop whatever it was you were doing and you start heading that way...FAST! 

Everyone is jumping on the radio, stepping on each other's transmissions. Dispatch is attempting to get further information but they are being flooded with incoming 9-1-1 calls.

All you have is the location... You don't know how many shooters there are. You don't know what kind of weapons they are using. All you know is that you need to get to the scene, possibly a staging area, and come up with a plan to help people. You're the first responder and that's your job!

So what's rule number 1? In my book it was get to the scene safely. Reason being, if I don't make it to the scene safely I am not going to be able to help anyone at all. Next is, once I'm at the scene, is to ensure scene safety. Once again, this starts with me. Before I step foot out of my patrol car I have to be sure that I can do so without compromising my safety. Once again, if I don't stay alive I can't help anyone else.



When it comes to active shooter calls or calls in which it's known that weapons are on scene, far too many officers find themselves walking into danger without being properly prepared. And one of the most critical mistakes officers make on these calls is going on scene without the proper ballistic protection on their bodies. 

Some officers have plate carriers containing AR500 steel or ceramic plates in the trunk of their patrol cars. Others are smart enough to keep it in the passenger compartment of their patrol vehicle. And unfortunately, some officers don't have any kind of kit at all. 

Personally, I never thought keeping your kit in the trunk was a good idea. If shit hits the fan, I want to have that thing right next to me. However, the typical plate carriers found in patrol cars are bulky, antiquated and impossible to get on over your uniform while seated in your vehicle. And once on, they are incredibly difficult to adjust if needed. Having the plates in the proper position while on your body is crucial to ensuring the protection of your vital organs should you take a round. Sadly, far too often I watch officers responding to an active shooter call on the news and almost none of them have their plate carriers properly mounted on their bodies with the plates in the proper position. And when I say "officers" I mean the "first responding" officers, not the SWAT officers that arrive to the scene later. These SWAT officers typically have their own personal kits which are properly fitted and also have the luxury of donning them in a controlled environment.




The Phantom Plate Carrier was designed to take care of the FIRST RESPONDING officers. The ones that are on patrol and are the ones first on scene. Many times these officers are scene 30-60 minutes before SWAT arrives. And in many instances, it is these officers that must go in to get the job done.

With The Phantom Plate Carrier you get an ultra-fast donning kit that goes on and adjusts in seconds. And the best can put it on while seated in your patrol vehicle! Yes, it's THAT easy. This allows you to safely exit your patrol vehicle with the ballistic plates already on your body; no need to run to the back of your patrol car completely exposed and not protected.



The fact that Police Officers and First Responders across the country were dealing with these threats every day and nothing existed to adequately take care of them in these situations is the reason The Phantom Plate Carrier for active shooter response was created.

Don't wait until the day you get the call to think about if you have the gear to keep you safe and alive. Get the gear you need today that you know will help keep you alive tomorrow.


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