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Why do police officers still carry a tactical flashlight?

Why do police officers still carry a tactical flashlight?

I recently came across this photo of an officer in San Diego who is an outright hero.  He was credited with saving a family from a burning building by catching them as they jumped out of a window.  And then a week later was credited with pulling a subject from an overturned vehicle (pictured below).

As I thought about both of these scenarios I couldn't but think how he might have been safer and more comfortable using an Exxtremity Glove rather than having a big flashlight in his hand.  Just look at the photo of him climbing out of the car.  Wouldn't he rather have the security of having both hands free as he climbed in, through and out of an overturned vehicle?? 

And as he helped pull people/persons out of the vehicle, wouldn't having TWO hands free be
better than just one??

Not sure if he had a flashlight in his hands as he called for the people to jump out of the burning building.  But if he did, would he have been more confident catching people jumping down into his arms with BOTH hands free?  I know I would have been!  If I had people jumping out of a window down into my arms for me to catch them I sure as heck would not want to be holding a flashlight in my hand.  But if it was dark I would surely want to illuminate the people and the window from which they were jumping! 

So what we have here are TWO situations which this hero officer experienced in just a ONE week span that he potentially would have been much better off with an Exxtremity Glove rather than having a flashlight in his hands. (NOTE: Once again, not sure if he utilized a flashlight the night he saved the people from the burning building in which they jumped down to him and he caught them safely.) 

The Exxtremity Glove was NOT designed to replace a weapon mounted light.  The Exxtremity Glove is NOT a solution to all of your lighting concerns while on the job.  But the Exxtremity Glove IS a great tool to have at your disposal in MANY situations we encounter as law enforcement officers and first responders.  Just look at the above two situations!!

Whether you are on a motor vehicle stop, searching a subject, searching a vehicle, searching for a missing person, administering first aid or handcuffing a subject....The Exxtremity Glove WILL be the Superior light to have!  And NONE of the aforementioned situations warrant having your gun with weapon mounted light out....right?  And you would be SAFER and more EFFICIENT in ALL of those situations without a flashlight in your hand or tucked under your arm.

The equipment police officers use has remained fundamentally unchanged for far too long.  If you are looking for a tool to help make you safer and more in control while on the job....look no further.  The Exxtremity Glove by 221B Tactical is truly the beginning of the next generation of tactical lighting for police officers and first responders.

Currently being used by patrol officers, tactical officers, K-9 Officers, bike patrol officers, first aid members and paramedics across the country, 221B Tactical's Exxtremity Glove is changing the way you will use your flashlight while on the job. 

We didn't re-invent the flashlight....we simply re-invented how you'll use it!  Just one more way 221B Tactical is helping you "Eliminate The Impossible"

Thanks and stay safe out there!!

Suresh Madhavan
President / Founder
221B Tactical
(Full Time Police Officer and inventor of The Exxtremity Glove hands free flashlight)

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