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Why are most "tactical" bags NOT tactical at all??  And why are "patrol bags" terrible for patrol?  Isn't it time that the bags that carry your gear be just as reliable as your gear itself?

Why are most "tactical" bags NOT tactical at all?? And why are "patrol bags" terrible for patrol? Isn't it time that the bags that carry your gear be just as reliable as your gear itself?

When was the last time you used a bag and said to yourself, "Now this is a great bag!"  

For the last 13 years that I have been on the job I can't tell you how many different bags I have tried and gone through....for both on the job and off duty.  And of all the bags I've tried I always found myself going back to the same two bags time and time again.

Recently one of my favorite bags that I have had for YEARS started to fall apart beyond repair ( has been repaired many a time by yours truly as well as the local tailor). I was so upset but knew it was time to let it go.  This bag gave me years and years of good use.  It had been to 11 other countries, numerous hiking and travel excursions and was even my primary bag on every one of my snowboarding trips.  I took it to work, I took it to the range and I took it to the was that kind of bag!

So as I started my search for a replacement (the company no longer produces the bag nor one like it) I realized something....I now have the ability to manufacture various tactical items and garments....why can't I create a new bag?  And so it began....

What I decided to do was take the things I liked MOST about my favorite bag(s) and create a specific bag for different situations.  The end result was three different bags, each built with unique features for very specific purposes!  And when people first got their hands on these bags the feedback we got was exactly what I was waiting to hear...."This bag is perfect for...."

You see, rather than trying to create one bag that was perfect for EVERY situation (which is nearly impossible for someone like me based upon all the different situations I find myself in), I created three purpose designed and built bags which will take care of your concerns in ANY situation you may find yourself in.

Flash Pack
The first is a versatile "go bag" which has tons of utility and can actually be carried in three different ways.  The Flash Pack expands your capacity and increases what's possible....whether it's at the range, on the trails or anywhere else you need your gear.

Ultimate Patrol Bag
The second is a "patrol bag" that is sure to change the way you think about the bag you carry while on patrol as an officer.  The Ultimate Patrol Bag also offers three different methods to carry it, tons of storage and organizational options, secures specifically to the passenger seat of your patrol car and most importantly....allows for smart access from the driver's seat!!

Halo - Jump Pack
The third bag is a backpack like you've never seen before.  The HALO Jump pack was designed with utility and purpose in mind.  No matter the job.  No matter the situation. Once you get your hands on this backpack you just might throw every other backpack you have out the window (we suggest you donate them to Goodwill of course).  Whether you're on the job, on the trails, on the slopes, in the woods or on the beach....the HALO pack is sure to become your new favorite companion.

Go to and check out the videos of each of these bags on their respective product pages.  This will give you an idea of just how awesome these bags really are!

So if you're tired of bags that are so so....get rid of them!  When the job, mission or situation matters, you NEED the best gear possible!  Get the gear that has been designed by an active duty police officer and outdoors enthusiast who has been on the job for 13 years and traveled around the world!  These are purpose-built-and-designed bags with real life concerns in mind!  



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