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How Do You Know If You Can Trust Companies or Brands on the Internet?

How Do You Know If You Can Trust Companies or Brands on the Internet?

How Do You Define TRUST?

You find a product or service on the internet.  It looks awesome.  You say to yourself, "I need/want that!"  You add it to your shopping cart.  You're ready to press "purchase" but then you HESITATE!

Ever happen to you?  Many people hearken back to when they got "ripped off" with a transaction and had no recourse because the company who now had your hard-earned money failed to respond or made it extremely difficult to navigate through their refund process.

Unfortunately that gives legitimate companies a "bad name" because people become skeptical and even cynical about purchasing from any company for the first time.  

TRUST ------  it all starts with trust, right?  Without intentionally demonstrating to a customer you are TRUST-WORTHY, or saying it backwards - WORTHY-OF-TRUST, the likelihood of a satisfactory relationship goes out the window.

For your consideration, at 221B Tactical this is how we define and demonstrate the meaning of trust.

"TRUST is an assessment made by a prospective customer about our sincerity, reliability and our competence."

Think about that for a moment.  It takes ALL 3 of those components to make up TRUST.  
Among those 3, let's look at "sincerity" for a moment.  At 221B Tactical "sincerity" means it is our obligation to be serious about fulfilling our promises to you as our customer and producing actions that take care of YOUR concerns.  It means we are accountable to you and that we say what we mean and mean what we say WITHOUT betrayal.  Makes sense, right?

Nowadays reading testimonials and ratings from other people who have purchased from a company has become very important to YOUR decision to purchase.  Here's a personal letter from a customer that our staff member Teri received earlier this week which you may find in sync with what you've just read:

First thing I want to say is "awesome customer service".  I don't know of anybody that would do what you and Brad have just done, sending basically free product to ensure the customer is happy and's very well appreciated.  I am not a police officer but I've been working in EMS for 28 years. I have to say it's not as intense as being a police officer, but just like them, we are here because we love what we do.  It's certainly not for the pay.  My place of employment has about 26 full-time employees, which includes Medic and EMTs, and not all of us choose to wear ballistic vests but those of us who do want to go home at the end of our shift.  With the high rate of shootings towards first responders, there has been an increase of employees wanting vests, but don't like the downside of the heat and exhaustion while wearing them for our everyday EMS calls.  From walking up three stories to helping people in respiratory distress, to cardiac arrests, we are pretty active carrying bulky equipment with us along with getting the patients to our ambulance.  So we may not be active on emergent calls for the whole 12 hour shift, but for those times that we are, we can't wait to get back and get the vests off even if it's for a few minutes.  I've found that just using the Maxx Dri 2.0 for my first two shifts, I didn't have that "I'm roasting and have to get this vest off" feeling. I've spoken to two other employees here at work and they are very interested in seeing the vests when they come in.  I've shown them my XL, and they are very impressed. I have a feeling I can get you plenty of business in the county, for most EMS

I will spread the word on my end here in the EMS community of your awesome product and customer service. You don't find that in too many businesses anymore, thank you for caring to make others comfortable.


Bonnie Christner

We were so touched by the heartfelt message from Bonnie we asked her if we could share it with our friends and followers.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to help people think about the importance of TRUST when entering into any relationship; whether it's a business transaction, a purchase or even when entering into a new friendship.

One of our business mentors always spoke, "TRUST IS FIRST".  And as we approach completing our 2nd full year in business we can now see why this is so important!

Thanks for reading and we hope this helps you not only when considering a purchase but in all areas of your life!

Thanks and Stay Safe out there!

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