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Are Your Winter Thermals NOT Keeping You Warm? Here's Why!

Are Your Winter Thermals NOT Keeping You Warm? Here's Why!

After spending 13 winters on the job as a police officer in the northeast I can’t begin to tell you all the different winter thermals I tried over the years to stay warm while on patrol.
I hated wearing a jacket or coat while on patrol as a Police Officer because I felt they were bulky, cumbersome and constricting. Sitting in the patrol car with one on was awful and dealing with subjects while out of the car was also troublesome. That’s why many officers and I would simply leave our coats in our cars.... and only don them when we knew we were going to be out of the car for an extended period of time, such as for a bad traffic accident.

The Ultra-Warm Grid Thermal in the Stage 2 and Stage 3 Equinoxx Thermals offer unmatched warmth and breathability.

I also hate being cold, don't you? I tried Under Armor, Nike, Champion...even those older baggy hanes thermals like grandpa used to wear. Nothing worked. I even tried layering various products beneath my uniform; which worked better, but was so bulky. I might as well have had a jacket on. At least a jacket helped block the wind.... And that’s when it hit me. I immediately started to design the prototype of what is now our Equinoxx Stage 2 Thermal Mock!

The Equinoxx Ultra Thermals were designed to be worn as a base layer but are constructed with our proprietary wind-blocking, thermal material on the sleeves, shoulders and upper chest. This incredible new material blocks the wind while being warm and breathable.

The Center core of the Equinoxx Thermal is made with a thinner, moisture-wicking fabric which allows for optimal breathability on the warmest part of your body...also ideal for those who wear body armor on the job.

We designed the Equinoxx Thermals for 3 Stages of Cold Weather Comfort.

Stage 1:  For Mild Cold Weather

Stage 2:  For Moderate Cold Weather

Stage 3:  For Extreme Cold Weather

Sometimes the temperature can have wild swings within the same day so we wanted to ensure that we had a solution for warmth and comfort no matter what curve balls Mother Nature throws at you.
Most thermals on the market today are made for athletes running around on a field...not Police Officers and First Responders wearing body armor or sitting in a vehicle. The Equinoxx line of thermals were designed specifically to take care of our heroes on the front lines or anyone working out in the elements (e.g. construction workers, utility linemen, public works employees) There is truly nothing else like them!

The 5 Star reviews say it all. The Equinoxx Thermals are the best winter, cold weather Thermals for Police, First Responders, construction workers or anyone working outdoors in the elements.

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