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  • 221B Sheepdogs - The Silent Guardians
    May 14, 2020 Suresh Madhavan

    221B Sheepdogs - The Silent Guardians

    So it is for these Sheepdogs, along with our brave police officers, that we are embarking on this mission. The mission to better equip the Sheepdogs among us with the training, information and equipment they want, need and desire to be better prepared for when evil (the wolf) strikes.

    Sadly, many outlets and platforms do not support this kind of information. Some view it as violent and unnecessary. And because of their personal beliefs and stance (and other societal and political factors), they block, remove or otherwise limit the view and/or discovery of such content.

    Therefore, the 221B Sheepdog Nexus will be owned, operated and housed exclusively by us. Members only will be granted exclusive access to this content. This will include original 221B content as well as carefully curated content from across the globe by some of the best in the business. 

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