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Equinoxx Stage 3 / K2 Factoid #5 of 5: High Value for Any Cold Weather Activity

Equinoxx Stage 3 / K2 Factoid #5 of 5: High Value for Any Cold Weather Activity

In the prior Factoids, we discussed how Stage 3 (for wearing body armor) and K2 Thermal (for not wearing body armor) give you full freedom of movement, while at the same time providing full thermal protection: Keeping you warm to 15 degrees fahrenheit (-9.45 degrees celsius), blocking wind, and resisting rain. We express this innovation with the phrase, “Wears Like a Shirt and Protects Like a Coat.”

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Plus, there’s an additional benefit. It breathes so that you don’t overheat and sweat when coming in from the cold, only to freeze once you go back out into it. There’s no thermal garment like Stage 3 and K2.

Our final Factoid is that, with the addition of K2 Thermal to our Equinoxx line, any cold weather activity can be engaged in more effectively, efficiently, and comfortably.

This makes K2 Thermal a great holiday gift for anyone who works or plays in cold weather.

From postal workers and courier drivers to traffic and school crossing guards; from cable installers and linesmen to construction and oil rig workers, there are numerous outdoor work applications for K2. There’s even more outdoor recreational activities, such as hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, golf, skiing, ice skating, bird watching.

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Importantly, to get value from K2 Thermal, one doesn’t need to do some activity requiring special physical dexterity or athletic prowess. For example, courier delivery doesn’t require fine motor dexterity, but wouldn’t it be more pleasant to have it? One can wear a bulky coat to chop firewood, but wouldn’t it be more enjoyable (and maybe even safer) to wear a light thermal shirt that provides full freedom of movement. Motorcycle or bike riders could wear it to block wind as well as enjoy a greater sense of freedom.

Here's what actual customers have to say...

Amazing. This is the only thing to ever work as advertised. I can finally work during the winter and not dread how cold I will be all season. —Edward D.

I played golf this past Saturday with my new K2 Thermal in chilly, brisk weather. It was in the low 40’s with wind gusts up to 15 mph. I was warm comfortable and loose for the entire round. The shirt let me be as flexible as I needed and I had no problem swinging my clubs the way I always do. —Brad Pedell

The shirt has kept me warm in 15 degree weather and has kept the mobility up that I expected from it....I've recommended it to co-workers and they have enjoyed the warmth and freedom this shirt provides as well. Somehow the shirt does not overheat you while indoors as well. —Adam R.

I’m an industrial electrician working at a refinery in Oklahoma. The first day that I tried it, the temperature was 16F with 15mph winds. I had on a cheap $10 base layer, the equinox over that, and a thin summertime FR shirt over the equinox. I DID NOT FEEL THE COLD NOR THE WIND AT ALL!!! —Mario Jimenez

To learn more and to purchase, please see our Equinoxx Stage 3 and K2 Thermal product pages.

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