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Stage 3 / K2 Thermal Factoid #4 of 5: Provides Full Freedom of Movement

Stage 3 / K2 Thermal Factoid #4 of 5: Provides Full Freedom of Movement

In the first three Factoids, we discussed how Stage 3 (for wearing body armor) and K2 Thermal (full protection of the core for not wearing body armor) keep you warm, block wind, resist rain, and yet the material breathes so you don’t overheat when you temporarily come in out of the cold.

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The true innovation of these products, however, is that in addition to providing full thermal protection, they also allow for full freedom of movement. We say that these products, “Wear Like a Shirt and Protect Like a Coat.”

For police officers, Stage 3 promotes safety in cold weather because they no longer have to wear a bulky coat that obstructs quick access to their weapon and tool belt, and gives them the physical agility to chase or wrestle with a suspect or whatever is needed. Similarly, K2 Thermal lets everyone else work or play outdoors unencumbered by bulky clothing. K2 is so flexible, you can even play golf in it.

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Customers say:

I stay warm without having to wear a coat with temperatures ranging between 10-30 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s light weight and doesn’t hinder my mobility at all.Joshua N

It really is a shirt with the warmth of a coat. I can tell a lot of work went into creating this shirt. It is perfect for those cold weather days, working outside.
It's not bulky, there's perfect mobility and you won't get hot, when you come back inside. —Katelyn L

All my coworkers had on the bulky Carhartt jackets with hoodies underneath and whatever else. They couldn’t believe I was out in that climate with no jacket....This is perfect for construction and doesn’t restrict movement at all. —Mario Jimenez

So while Stage 3 and K2 provide full thermal protection, blocking wind and resisting rain just as you’d expect from a winter coat, they also provide the freedom of movement that you most certainly don’t get with a bulky winter coat.

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Flexible Material With a 3-Layer Design

The material is soft, supple and fairly thin. So it may surprise to learn that it’s actually comprised of three different layers that are heat-pressed together: an inner grid-thermal layer to trap body heat, a middle layer that’s water resistant, and an outer layer that blocks wind.

Importantly, all three layers allow for multi-directional stretch, which makes Stage 3 and K2 so form-fitting and comfortable without the discomfort of traditional compression gear.

The entire K2 Thermal shirt uses this material. Stage 3 is designed for use with body armor and the core material is different so you don’t overheat in your armor. The Stage 3 core material is a moisture-wicking, polyester/spandex blend that does not include the inner thermal-grid layer.

To learn more now, please see our Equinoxx Stage 3 and K2 Thermal product pages.

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