ExxTremity Glove-Light System - Navigate Dark Situations

Wouldn’t it be awesome to SEE IN THE DARK without having one of your hands restricted from doing work because you’re fumbling with a conventional, hand-held flashlight?
How many times have you dropped or had to put your flashlight down because you needed both hands?
Our ExxTremity Glove-Light System is the perfect solution to free up both hands so you can focus on the task at hand!
The all-in-one ExxTremity Glove-Light System features a 500 Lumen low profile LED light designed to mount on a variety of 221B Tactical’s protective safety gloves - ExxTremity Patrol Glove 2.0, Guardian EXT, and TItan K9 Gloves. 
All are designed with specific purposes to take care of each user's specific situations.  All come equipped with a remote pressure pad for temporary on/off functionality.  You’ll now be able to navigate and do work in dark settings.
You’ll be able to enter a pitch-black dark area and control your own lighting simply by aiming your hand in the direction you ‘ll want the light to go.
A mechanic or repairman can now reach into tight spaces with his or her screwdriver without having to focus on not dropping a bulky flashlight - You can change a flat tire on a dark road where this is no overhead street light - You can walk your dog safely on a dark street or in a wooded area! 
ExxTremity Glove-Light System Users:
Law Enforcement Officers
Military & National Guard
Industrial & Factory Workers
Customs and Border Protection
Private Security
Park Rangers
Airsoft Gameplay
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