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Foot pain? Lower leg pain? Restless leg syndrome? Check your socks!!

Foot pain? Lower leg pain? Restless leg syndrome? Check your socks!!

We've all been there.  After a long day on the job your feet are killing you and all you want to do is take your shoes or boots off!  In fact for millions of Americans the pain and discomfort sets in well before the end of your day.  And despite trying different shoes or boots and padded insoles you STILL have the terrible foot and lower leg pain at the end of the day.

But rather than focusing on your footwear, when's the last time you took a look at your socks?  You see, your socks are actually your first line of defense against foot and lower leg pain.

Take a car for example.  While driving in the rain, most would think that the most important factor when it comes to stopping power are your brakes.  But the reality is that the power of your brakes and the meat on your brake pads doesn't matter all that much if you have bald tires!  Right?  

221B Tactical has studied the anatomy of the human foot, met with hundreds of officers and discovered that one of the principal causes of foot and leg pain stems from lack of proper circulation. That is why they have introduced socks to the marketplace that have completely changed the way people are feeling after a long day on their feet.

Since their launch the reviews of their socks have been overwhelming.  By incorporating compression and silver technology into their socks, 221B has forever changed the way you'll view your socks.  

So if you suffer from foot pain, lower leg pain, poor circulation or restless leg syndrome, try shifting your focus from your shoes to your socks.  You WON'T REGRET IT!


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DEBORAH C - February 20, 2019

I purchased the Padded Boot Socks, very comfortable to wear, help with circulation problems,the best pair of socks i ever bought, They definitely get a 5 star review. And i will purchase more socks, thanks 221B tatical for making a great item

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